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s1 {font-kerning: none}Twitter Engagement Beyond The Scope of Service.How CRM powered enterprises are gaining momentum just by staying active on social media.Every company has its own social media page, be it a billion dollar corporation or a bakery around the street corner. To reach the masses, one has to be a part of it and in this age of information, social media is where everyone is at. Facebook.

Instagram, Twitter and to name a few, are shaping up to be an essential platform to engage with customers for winning and retaining business.But this engagement should not be confined within the business level as there is a need to cater to a younger and smarter audience. Customers are increasingly taking their queries, complaints and feedback to the social media handles of every enterprise more than ever. In order to stay alive in the market, customer service teams overhauled the way they participate, adapting to a more friendly, approachable and informal persona. When twitter user Carter asked Wendy’s, a popular food chain company on how what it takes to win a free supply of chicken nuggets for a year, the company cheekily asked for 18 million retweets. His tweet went viral and quickly became the most retweeted post of all time. Carter got his free nuggets but the real winner was Wendy’s, which enjoyed a surplus trending on the Internet over a little joke. Good twitter handles go unnoticed ; it’s the best and the ugly that attract limelight.

In order to fall into the first category, companies need to do more than just ordinary.One of the most important quality of a responsive page is time ; how long does the team take to reply a user? The quicker they respond, the better their reputation is. Impatient customers have easy access to alternatives for the services that a company provides.  And since Twitter posts are public, bad word of mouth can seriously hurt an enterprise if they don’t engage immediately. Hence even if they are late by a few minutes, they lose business from a huge chunk of audience.

 Twitter analytics shows that 53% of a  brand’s customers expect a response within an hour, with a staggering 23% of the customers expecting a reply under 30 minutes. And when the customer service team fails to respond to the queries of the user, it further add to their frustration. Accounting the hundreds of other customers publicly witnessing the backlash, one tweet can make a whole lot of difference. Hence it is paramount for enterprises to be better equipped when it comes to active social media engagement.

And this engagement not only includes answering complaints but to partake in trends, humour and appreciations.     Over the past few years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have surged in the market, offering a wide set of modules for social media engagement. Since a wide variety of business opportunities are blooming on different social media platforms, with users throwing complaints and queries across them at a rapid pace, there was a dire need for a software that brought these platforms under a single roof for effective management. Enter CRMs, which has a sophisticated way of collaborating every channel that an enterprise has in a single window and giving timely notifications for every tag, mention or comment that the brand gets.

This has indubitably enabled the customer service team to engage with their audiences faster than ever, offering solutions, apologies and quips within an acceptable timeframe. Since no tweet ever gets missed, CRMs have been very influential for enterprises to know how well their products are performing among the masses and how differently they must be working to get better. But giving timely responses to your customers using a CRM is not a cookie cutter solution for reputable engagement. While time is a major player for building a good rapport, going beyond the scope of service is the real deal. So when a snarky customer poses a sarcastic question, the customer service team must be able to give a quirky answer.

But then again, taking too much time to post a smart comeback will definitely kill the vibe.


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