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is a coastal U.S. state in the Pacific Northwest known for its
diverse landscape of forests, mountains, farms, and beaches. The city
of Portland is famed for its quirky, avant-garde culture and is home
to iconic coffee shops, boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants, and

is a beautiful place that even authors couldn’t keep themselves
from using it as their story location. This article tells you about
such 10
books that are set in Oregon.


the list of 10 fictional
books set in Oregon:

Sometimes A Great Notion by Ken Kesey (ISBN 978-0143039860)

It is
a complex and integrated historical background and relationship
study of the Stamper family, a prideful logging clan living in
Wakonda, Oregon. This story involves a man, his family, a town, the
country, a period of time, and the effects of time. All the
characters of the book and the storyline are oriented toward the
themes of independence, individualism, and self-sufficiency. 

it for: Kesey
brings to life people you will never forget. Getting into this book
is getting into a fascinating, crazy world of a fascinating, crazy
family which has a throbbing reality and a desperate dedication to

read it: You should not go for this book if you don’t like long
and complicated stories.

stands out for: The
lush descriptions, deep characters, and knowledge of the great
northwest set this work in a very select company.

Ricochet River by Robin Cody

Set in a fictional Oregon town in the late 1960s, Cody’s superlative
coming-of-age novel is the story of Wade, Lorna, and
Jesse–teenagers preparing to break out of their small-town lives.
Wade is the local sports hero. Jesse is his friend, a mythical
athlete and the Indian kid who applies his own rules to sports and
life. And Lorna is Wade’s sweetheart who knows there’s no hope in
Calamus for a bright, independent girl. The river rushes past the
town, linking the three friends with their pasts, their plans
and the world beyond.

it for: If you are up for little high school experience and the
journey of growing up.

read it: The book focuses majorly on one character instead of all 3,
and sometimes the opinions get mixed up.

stands out for: This book is
that rare contemporary novel that satisfies far more than the easy
questions about “multiculturalism” today. 

#3 The
Shack by William P. Young (ISBN 0-9647292-3-7)

Allen Philips’ youngest daughter, Missy, has been
abducted during a family vacation and it is believed that she may
have been brutally murdered but is soon found in an abandoned shack
deep in the Oregon wilderness. After 4 years, Mack receives a
suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that
shack for a weekend. Against his better judgment, he goes to the
shack on a wintry afternoon and walks right back into his darkest
nightmare. What he finds there will it completely change Mack’s

it for: You would like this book if you have a strong belief in GOD.

read it: You shouldn’t read this book if you are an atheist or
simply lack the faith that others have.

stands out for: In
a world where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant The
Shack wrestles
with the timeless question, “Where is God in a world so filled
with unspeakable pain?”

#4 The
Sisters Brothers by  Patrick

darkly comic, the Western-inspired story took place in Oregon and
California in 1851. The narrator, Eli Sisters, and his brother
Charlie Sisters are assassins that are sent to kill Hermann Kermit
Warm, an ingenious and likable man, who is accused of stealing from
the Sisters’ fearsome boss, the Commodore. 

Read it
for: This book is for those who like the western culture and are big
fans of humor.

read it: If you don’t have a funny soul.

stands out for:It
is a lushly voiced picaresque story, so richly told, so detailed,
that what emerges is a weird circus of existence, all steel shanks
and ponies, gut shots and medication poured into the eyeholes of the
dying. At some level, this too is a kind of revenge story,
marvelously blurry.

#5 A
Sweetness to the Soul by Jane Kirkpatrick (ISBN 9780739381564)

This book recounts
the captivating story of young, spirited Oregon pioneer Jane Herbert
who at the age of twelve faces a tragedy that begins a life-long
search for forgiveness and love. In the years that follow, young
Jane finds herself involved in an unusual and touching romance with
a dreamer sixteen years her senior, struggles to make peace with an
emotionally distant mother and fights to build a family of her own.

Read it
for: This book is for those who are a true believer in love, i.e.,
love to conquer all.

read it: If you are not a big fan of sweet romance and the concept
of love being enough to survive.

stands out: This book is
absolutely true to the people and the land as they once were. This
is a novel that calls up a period early in the history of Oregon
marked not only by hardship, sudden death, spiritual fortitude, and
physical endurance but also by the community, one person reaching
out to help another so that they might all survive.

#6 No
Defence by Kate Wiehelm (ISBN978-1551667850)

seven-month marriage that ends in a suspicious car crash leaves the
husband, Vinny, dead and the widow, Lara, a murder suspect with
seemingly no defense–until Barbara Holloway takes the case. 

Read it
for: You would like this book if you have a knack for mystery and
suspense and are ready to gain knowledge of courtrooms and the

read it: If you are not a fan of crime novels.

stands out: The
straightforward telling of a murder case that may have been a
suicide would be difficult for a reader to put down, and the final
actions and reactions that reveal the murderer, and a lot of the
town secrets.

Heartsick by Chelsea Cain (ISBN 978-0312947156)

detective Archie Sheridan spent years tracking Gretchen Lowell, a
beautiful and brutal serial killer. In the end, she was the one who
caught him and tortured him for a while and then let him go. Why did
Gretchen spare Archie’s life and then turn herself in? This is the
question that keeps him up all night, and since then he has visited
Gretchen in prison on a daily basis.

another series of murders is tearing up the Portland streets. Archie
seems to be getting closer to solving this high-profile case until he
finds himself in a fatal collision course with the killer,
one that inevitably leads him back to his former captor. Gretchen may
be the only one who can help do justice. The only thing she can’t do,
this time, saves Archie’s life.

Read it
for: You should read it if you love surprises.

read it for: If you don’t like much of complicated plots.

stands out: The
exciting plot, the depth of the characters is what makes this book a
good read.

#8 Gone,
but Not Forgotten by Phillip Margolin (ISBN

has fallen on the city of Portland, Oregon. One by one, the wives of
affluent and respected men are vanishing from their homes. The only
clue to the wives’ disappearance is a single black rose and a note
that reads, “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”

attorney Betsy Tannenbaum is trapped in a nightmare as the shadows of
a killer tear her world apart. And she will be forced to risk
everything she has and everyone she loves to defend a cold, powerful,
and manipulating client who might be a victim or a monster.

Read it
for:Its brilliant mystery and legal thriller.

read it for: Some people might not like this book because of its
twisted plot.

stands out:This
book is outstanding, well written, and packed with a thriller. There
are many stunning surprises, mysterious crime scenes, and
well-developed characters that will make you crave for more and
won’t let you give it up.

Searoad by Ursula K. Le Guin (ISBN 978-1590300848)

this book, Le Guin explores the dreams and sorrows of the
inhabitants of Klatsand, Oregon, a beach town where ordinary people
come with their dreams and sorrows for a weekend or for their whole
life and to know what the sea holds for them.

Read it
for: A collection of short stories that qualify as conventional
literate fiction.

read it for: If you prefer reading long stories as in the novel.

stands out: A
collection of short stories, slices of life really, often in
stream-of-consciousness-type styles, about the people who live and
work in (and in one case visit) the small town of Klatsand, on the
Oregon coast.

#10 My
Abandonment by Peter Rock (ISBN978-0156035521)

thirteen-year-old girl and her father live in a Forest Park, an
enormous nature preserve in Portland, Oregon. They live in an
elaborate cave shelter, wash in a nearby creek, store perishables at
the water’s edge, tend a garden, and even keep a small library.
Once a week they go to the city to buy groceries other than that
they don’t like to merge with the civilization. But they commit
one small mistake which allows a backcountry jogger to discover
them, which derails their entire existence, ultimately provoking a
deeper flight.

Read it
for: If you prefer to use your imagination and make up your own
version of endings.

read it for: If you don’t like being left with many questions at
the end of the book that leaves you unsatisfied.

stands out: Inspired
by a true story and told through the startlingly sincere voice of
its young narrator, Caroline, My
Abandonment is
a riveting journey into life at the margins and a mesmerizing tale
of survival and hope.


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