“Over 60 percent of kids get bullied in school or cyberbullied a year.” Although bullying is a huge problem in schools, there are ways to prevent or reduce bullying. Bullying is a serious problem  but there are programs to help.   Bullying is serious problem, According to the atricail scholastic  the problem with bullies,”by the sixth grade Karen (the  girl who got bullied) had experienced her fair share of bullying. She had just been adopted by a family in Chattanooga, Tennessee, after spending six long years  in foster care.

Mostly shy and quiet, Karen also struggled with a slight speech impediment, She had only one good friend.All this made Karen (not her real name) an very easy target for a bully. Her bully, a popular girl at school,she loved to bully Karen about the way she spoke and about her home life.”She made fun of the fact that I was a foster kid and that my mother didn’t take care of me,” says Karen.  Sometimes the abuse was physical. The bully might shove Karen into a wall or on the ground, or throw one of her shoes in the toilet. Even after the other girl received several suspensions and detentions for her bullying, she refused to give Karen a break.

” Karen’s experience highlights the problem that many students face in schools in the US.   “Millions of U.S teens understand what Karen went through. A 2001 study by the National Institute of Children’s Health and Human Development found that more than 16 percent of students in grades 6-12 say that they have been bullied. Nineteen percent said that they had been bullies themselves.It’s not just the victims who are hurt by bullying. Another study found that 60 percent of bullies in grades 6-9 will be convicted of a crime like kidnaping or other things by age 24!” According to reading eagle.

com,There are several programs to prevent bullying, “Emily-Anne is very passionate about her work. She is the founder and director of WeStopHate. Emily-Anne created WeStopHate in 2010, which was her sophomore year of high school. She saw what her peers where going through and also acknowledged her personal struggle and made a program to help others. She supports a big cause, which takes a lot of time and energy.”I stay motivated by the message that WeStopHate promotes,” she said.

“It helps prevent  kids and teens from committing suicide, and changes the way they see the world.” According to teenlink.com,  “Tell a teacher or trusted adult. It’s one of the most commonly known ways to stop a bully from bullying you. Don’t worry; you won’t be a snitch or tattle-tale. Tattle-telling is when someone purposely tells on someone to get them in trouble.

” Bullying is a serious problem but there are programs to help. Do you think that bullying is a problem? Do we need more programs to help?  Stand up to the bully yourself or tell a teacher or stand up for someone or tell a teacher about any bullying case no matter what.


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