Over the
years, there have been working on ways to create more sustainable energy
techniques. One technique that is discussed often is Biofuels. The way
Biofuel energy is created is by burning organic matter. Biomass is the solid
form of ‘bioenergy’, but liquid fuels could also be created from plant matter
and this is mentioned to as ‘biofuel’. Biofuel creates carbon emissions, as
biomass is carbon based. On the other hand, the carbon that is released during
combustion is equal to the amount that was absorbed while growth, and so the
technology is carbon-neutral. Therefore, instead of burning fossil fuels to
create petrol, biofuels are an efficient replacement in cars and trucks during
the construction of the new development in Headley. A source of Biofuel is
cellulose and vegetable oil crops such as palm oil and rapeseed can also be managed
to create liquid fuel. In addition, animal residues from cattle, chicken and
pig waste can be transformed to bio-energy by adaptation to gas or other fuel

Another energy technique is
Wind Power. The energy source is the wind and the power of the wind determines
how efficient the energy is. Wind Turbines are used to transform the wind into
energy. As the new development in Headley is in a rural area, it is suitable to
use wind power. Having a wind turbine close to the building would normally
have peak outputs of up to 10–20 kW. 6 kW is a mutual size for smaller
buildings, and would usually be expected to produce around 10 000 kW·h per
year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than four tonnes. Wind turbines
are generally known to be one of the best cost effective renewable energy
technologies. Furthermore, the UK has one of the windiest climates in Europe,
and this makes it perfect to use in the new development.

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In recent times, buildings are using renewable materials
more and more. This technique is getting popular and steadily developing as
time passes by. The reason why this is more preferable is that it decreases the
over reliance of non-renewable resources. In addition, a few more reasons are:-

Reduced embodied carbon content


 Socio-economic benefits

construction performance

 Insulation materials (improved performance
when damp)






A type of renewable material that is used frequently in the industry is
Insulation. Conventional Insulation is made up of Fibre glass, polystyrene, polyurethane
foam and multi-foils. A building that is well-insulated cuts down energy bills
by maintaining the building keeps warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So
therefore, this results in a cut down of carbon emissions linked to global
warming and climate change.

 Cellulose is a recycled
product made from newsprint and other cellulose fiber. Builders seem to prefer
this technique because it can be easily blown into cavity walls, floors and


Waste could be reduced in our world,
as Waste is expensive. One way to hit that goal is to take the approach of
recycling. Recycling waste from households could later be generated into fuels.
In addition, glass could be recycled to create aggregates, decorative
materials, fluxing agent in the manufacture of bricks and ceramics, filtration
medium, insulation and abrasives



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