Our world. Our world is full of people, opinions, cultures, and religions. The idea of wars, controversies, and violence destroys humanity. Our world focuses on too much on the discretion of religions and less on peacemaking.

 Today, I am here to say that I look for common ground, as the world around us tends towards marginalization and conflict over the differences. There are too many religions to be named in this world, but there are still some connections that need to be found in this scavenger hunt for harmony.Finding connections among the major religions in the world should be our first step. Generally, most religions suggest an ultimate reality—omniscient creator or superbeing—and creation. They all believe that there is some kind of human condition, and to escape from it there needs to be an eternal destiny. Some form of afterlife takes a major role in all religions. Afterlife is the hope many carry with each day (Beit-Hallahmi).

No matter what religion you are apart of, becoming enlightened is something we are striving for. Enlightenment is a state of perfect knowledge or wisdom, combined with infinite compassion. The religious leaders like Muhammad, Jesus, and Krishna reached enlightenment (“Famous Religious Figures and Leaders,” 2015).

The paths to enlightenment may differ but there is some form of higher state we want to receive. The nature of evil also takes part the religions. The Golden Rule in all of the religions reflect on the idea of not hurting others. Spiritual disciplines, like prayer, fasting, and meditation, are important for the spiritual life (Ferrer).

 Sometimes, humans can forget that we, all, have common threads. If we pull on uncommon threads, then we often fall apart and start controversy amongst ourselves. How we choose to define harmony merely relies on how much effort are you putting into to stop pulling uncommon threads. Human nature allows us to become opinionated and controversial. This leads to hate crimes, racism, wars, terrorist attacks, and more unpeaceful events. We need to build more tolerance for each other’s beliefs because judgement will destroy us. Dropping our tension can make the world a better place. We can achieve more.

We can do more together. So, why don’t you just help the ones in need of understanding the importance of finding connections? Why me? You ask. Why should I be the one to identify the problem of finding connections? What makes me qualified to speak of such subjects? Nothing qualifies me, except for my love to study the many cultures and religions. I began studying when I was in sixth grade. Additionally, my experiences and personality have influenced my thoughts. Being an quiet peaceful girl led me to ask what makes our world fall apart. That’s when I realized that the lack of connections can cause disputes. In the end, I’m not saying all religions are exactly the same, but they are more or less achieving the same goals.

Ever since then, I kept on researching about this topic that I know may be controversial but I believe it will help the world. 


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