Other than that, according to Yeh and Li (2009), said that the satisfaction, brand image and customisationall directly affecting customer trust towards the vendor in mobile commerce,customisation and brand image equally had a stronger direct effect on trustformation and in addition, interactivity and responsiveness had an indirectimpact via satisfaction on trust towards the vendor. It is means thecustomisation, brand image and satisfaction of the user towards the serviceprovided can strongly affect the consumer trust on the mobile commerceapplications. The next one are unapproved payment, wrong and late delivery andnon-conformity products in terms of products specifications like the image inadvertising is superb but different products has deliver, all relate to gain consumertrust towards its products and services. Consumer trust it is importantto study by organizations and need to be apply to its customer to get the trustbut some cases that the delivery of low or fake quality product, not effectivecommunication and security will form a bad consumer trust towards mobilecommerce product services and its company. One of the example thatrelate to consumer trust is, according to ABS-CBN News (2015), Etude House Philippinesas the Philippines distributor of Korean brand Etude House, sue the mobilecommerce shopping site Lazada due to selling or facilitating the sale of fakeand counterfeit Etude House of Korea Products.

One of the customer of EtudeHouse complaints to Etuda store after received fake products from Lazada andEtuda take the further action to clear the brand image and not sell itsproducts through Lazada Philippines again due to lack of trust on Lazadacompany again.  Consumer will think manytimes to purchase something from Lazada Philippines website because of thesales of counterfeit and fake products but Lazada claim original products thatits sale. It will affect the consumer trust towards Lazada in purchasing usingmobile because they cannot see the products in front of the eyes for thesatisfaction and the quality of delivered products make the negative effect tocompany and decrease level of consumer trust on Lazada  again.

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