Originating from American psychologist, Albert Ellis set forth a Cognitive Behavior Therapy labeled as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in 1953. In this therapy, Ellis came up with the theory of describing ” some of the common ways people make themselves miserable by remaining wdded to their irrational beliefs. . . that our emotions are mainly created from our beliefs, which influence the evaluations and interpretations we make and fuel the reactions we have to life situations.”(BOOKpg.85) Ellis wanted to draw his knowledge of letting go negative emotions in favor of an effective supporting behavior. This being said, REBT can better be described as a self-oriented remedy in which an individual learns to dispute irrational thoughts to focus on engaging in a more positive, healthier, and productive thinking to an emotionally happier life. Along with this theory, Ellis declares identifying the differences between rational and irrational emotions can lead to a inner conflict or inner harmony. “Irrational thoughts/images prevent goal attainment, . . . lead to more conflict with others and poor mental health. Rational thought/images lead to goal attainment and more inner harmony.”(


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