Originally the first fourth of July celebration was actually held the eighth of July in 1776. Which means that fireworks originated in the seventh century. According to www.history.com/news/fireworks-vibrant-history fireworks originated in china. During the lunar New Year in China, the Chinese used bursting bamboo loud sounds to scare aways mountain men, and any evil spirits they believed in. People from China had mixed many chemicals to create an explosion. “Fire Drug” they had called it. Bamboo was the “cylinder” to hold all the chemicals. Eventually, the bamboo became a firecracker and started to become more popular. In the year 1777, the first Fourth of July was held. In addition, do you know how fireworks were made, and how over the years brought meaning to our country.?A firework is mainly a missile designed to explode in a controlled way. These fireworks feature loud sounds and brightly colored lights. The variety of fireworks and the many types there are is complex. There are two broad types. Companies tend to eventually make an idea of the same firework. Therefore having more fireworks. In the seventh century fireworks were at one point made of saltpeter, potassium nitrate, a kitchen seasoning, charcoal, sulfur, and many more ingredients that soon lead to the beginning of gunpowder. The compounds they are made of today is a special fuel, an oxidizer, iron or steel powder, and a binder. Today we might use a safer way to experiment our fireworks but back in the late sixth early seventh century all people had was hope and time to weigh out. Soon after in the 1830’s modern fireworks were born. Fireworks had now taken a new route, which included colors and new designs. Fortunately, fireworks developed more over the years. New designs and patterns had been put upon the fireworks. The first shells that had patterns were first used in the early 1990’s in Washington D.C. A way to greet the Desert Storm troops from their arrival. According to www.livescience.com the way a pattern firework works is by the construction of the shells. Aerial shell is what they are introduced as. a n executive director of the American Pyrotechnics Association states aerial shells are cylindrical casings packed with “stars” the small, combustible pellets that make up fireworks’ dot. This leads to the fireworks being ignited and propelled into the air and then burst open. Inserting a piece of cardboard into the shell and arranging it into a pattern or shape, that forces the cardboard to explode outward making the pattern or shape. Although fireworks keep developing over time they always seem to fascinate us. Fireworks have been used in many attractions. On the website www.alamofireworks.com, Fireworks are not just used on Independence Day but are used in religion occasions, family events, parties, celebration, and many holidays. Independence day is only the start of fireworks. In many religious ceremonies people use fireworks to honor their Gods or celebrate their religion. A place named Maltese, they set off fireworks to celebrate the election and birthdays of their pope, although they do not use fireworks for more sacred religion reasons. In North korea they use fireworks mainly for religious purposes. They have used fireworks to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. The origin of fireworks, being china uses fireworks more than other countries. Fireworks are a huge part in China’s culture and religion. That being the fact that originally fireworks were being used for protecting themselves from evil spirits. This leads to celebrations and family events. Many areas have used fireworks to lure people into their attraction. Many Disney parks all over the world use them as an ending for their events. Many festivals have used fireworks as well. During the summer, Japan throws a festival that hold over 200 fireworks. This being in one month. Japan’s annual event holds approximately 800,000 people. Family events are usually birthday parties, work related celebrations, or even just a night for fun. Fireworks have been apart at least in one of these occasions. Birthday parties over the summer use fireworks for a big reveal or even just for the fun of the day. Any type of celebration can lead to bringing out fireworks. Independence day is not the only holiday that uses fireworks. As an example, in the Netherlands, and some other countries they use fireworks to set off the New Year. If wanting to set off fireworks, it is only allowed three days. Although if one of those days lands on a sunday that the event being held has to be pushed back a couple days. Swiss National Day on August first is an event that swiss holds every year. Either way being an occasion or not, fireworks are used with a purpose, and that purpose being the excitement and satisfaction one gets from seeing them. When researching fireworks, the image put out is theme parks and Independence Day. Even though fireworks are used in these occasions they are also a representation of our country. Independence Day is a federal holiday in the United states. The American Revolution and the eighteenth century brought a tradition. July second of the year 1776, the continental congress voted in favor of independence. Two days later. Delegates from all thirteen colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence. This document drafted by Thomas Jefferson birthed American independence. A founding father named John Adams declared an idea to use fireworks every Fourth of July. A day after the continental congress voted for independence, Adams wrote a letter from Philadelphia to his wife in Boston stating the day. Adams’s wish took full effect the following year. In honor of the country’s first birthday, Col. Thomas Crafts lit off fireworks and shells over Boston Common. In Philadelphia a celebration began with ships parading down the Delaware River firing thirteen cannons in honor of the original Thirteen Colonies. Boston was the first city or town in 1783 to announce the Fourth of July as an official holiday. Adams’s wish for parades and a big show was honored therefore out. Freedom is shown like fireworks, with great ambition. Freedom is a basic principle which states that all men are created equal and with certain inalienable rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Fireworks may seem just as a definition for a piece of paper that some founding fathers and other greatly intelligent men signed declaring Independence for our country. These ideas bring freedom and equality,  also including the constitution freedom of press and religion etc. This is the idea of what people should be celebrating. Fireworks do not necessarily state just one day, but all the As an interesting statement it has been said by https://www.ch.ic.ac.uk/local/projects/gondhia/history.html  that Italians towards the west had found a new love for fireworks. An explorer named Marco Polo transported this creation back to the Middle East where European Crusaders soon took to England.


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