Oriental Rug CareRotate the Rug A common misconception with oriental rugs is that they only need to be rotated once every year or so, but this may not be enough if your rug is placed in an area with high foot traffic. The materials in the rug are at risk of being packed down.

Therefore, rotating your rug every couple of months is more likely to maintain the appearance and value of your rug. Vacuuming the RugVacuuming your oriental rug may be a little different from vacuuming most other rugs as fragile fibers can become snagged and ripped. Regularly vacuuming an oriental rug is important as it helps prevent natural fibers from packing down and affecting the value of the rug. Turning off the beater bar may be necessary in order to avoid runs and tears in the fibers. Spot CleaningStaining occurs when a spot isn’t immediately cleaned after a spill or accident happens. The first thing you should do is dab the spot and soak up any excess liquid with a dry cloth. Using bleach, soap, and other cleaning products may damage the fibers in the rug. Using water to clean the stain can be effective when done properly.

If water does not completely remove the stain, consulting a professional may be the next step. This ensures that the oriental rug is cleaned safely.  Wiping Down the Rug Beating a rug is not always the safest way to refresh the surface. Wiping down the rug is a safer alternative and can be done a little more easily.

Using a dampened cloth or sponge, wipe down the surface of the rug to remove any dust and grime to restore that fresh, clean look. Professional Cleaning Though proper care and prevention may help keep oriental rugs fresh looking, taking the rug to a professional rug cleaner every three to five years can help prevent dirt and soil buildup that cannot be seen or reached at the surface, as well as restore the natural fibers of the rug. With the help of a professional, the life of an oriental rug can be extended and the quality increased. SummaryThe best way to ensure proper care of your rug is to prevent damage. Preventing damage is cheaper than repairing the damage. Vacuum both sides of the rug often, and rotate it as needed. Inspect the rug often and be sure to place it in an area where it is unlike to receive water or sun damage.

Monitor your pets and train them accordingly so that they do not ruin the rug. Periodically take your rug for a professional deep clean to ensure its quality and value. Properly caring for the rug will provide you with many years of use and pride in the ownership of your oriental rug.  


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