evening, I sat down and asked myself,
“Should I apply to college or apply for a
job?” Due to financial constraint, I struggled with my thoughts that night
whether to apply to college or secure a job to cater for myself. I did a couple
of paid tutoring in math and science preparing students for an upcoming semester
exam as at that time. I became fascinated about engineering since my
father was an engineer, so I enrolled in an engineering program. Later in the
program, I realized that, being an engineer wasn’t for me so, I had to defer
the program, because I wasn’t passionate about it. That same year, my
grandmother became extremely sick, I became her caretaker and through her
healing process, I witnessed the great quality of care pharmacists administered
for my ailing grandmother and became enthused about the power of drugs. As tiny
as these drugs are, they were able to make my grandmother stronger again. I
started to look into how to work in the pharmacy. I applied to volunteer at a
pharmacy nearby as a pharmacy technician to get a hands-on the job and, “My
heart was full of joy.” I really enjoyed every moment and interactions
with the pharmacists and coworkers.  Upon successfully completing the
volunteering exercise, Immediate professional goal is to become an exemplary
pharmacist by working as part of a team of health care professionals to improve
patients care.

Long term professional goals
are becoming a future clinical pharmacotherapy specialist by gaining profound knowledge
and experience to improve patients’ outcomes. Working with physicians in
outpatient settings to optimize medication therapy. Functioning as a member of an
inter-professional team providing direct patient care.

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I began by enrolling in a
pharmacy technician program and upon completion, gained profound knowledge
about drug discoveries and how to become a pharmacy technician. I enrolled in a
Chemical Technology Degree Program at NYC College of Technology in since I was
passionate about the sciences and math. However, getting into the Spring 2015
and Fall 2015, Things became tough for me
when I secured a part-time job along
with my classes. There were some few breaches in my
academic life, but that never stopped me from advancing into the future. I
never gave up, but rather challenged myself to overcome all those
barriers. Around the Spring 2016 and Fall 2016, I got back on track and
found myself excelling in my classes. 


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