One of the well-known gaps in GDP is thatit does not consider the importance of domestic work, including caring forchildren and elderly family members. Moreover,a monetary assessment of such activities will not solve a serious omission inGDP – its inability to adequately reflect the life experience of individualmembers of society.

Adjustmentsfor domestic work will lead to inflation of GDP without giving real meaning toliving standards. Andwomen, who make up the bulk of people who do household chores, will continue tobe volunteers, and not as real economic actors. Another knownshortcoming of GDP is that it does not consider the destruction of value, forexample, when countries wrongly manage their human capital, denying educationto certain demographic groups or depleting natural resources for immediateeconomic gain. In general, GDP tends to inaccurately assess assets, andobligations at all.     The state of the environment in thecountry is deteriorating because of rapid, sometimes uncontrolledindustrialization, experts say, noting that due to unfavorable conditions,China is trying to leave many foreigners who came to work, and even thecitizens of the Greatest country in the world. Residents of China areexperiencing serious problems with drinking water: the reservoirs in thecountry because of the spread of algae have become bright green, and the liquidtaken from them, to clean water is not like.

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In the rivers and lakes, frivolousChinese industrialists are dumping petrochemical waste. Such substances poisonnot only water bodies, but also springs, wells – according to some information,about 70% of groundwater is seriously polluted in China. As far as Iam concerned, although lastyear the government of the Celestial Empire recognized the existence of”cancer villages” – settlements with an unprecedented level of cancerincidence, which is caused by environmental pollution.

And in the capital ofthe country – Beijing air is so polluted that some visitors cannot go outwithout a mask. Periodically, the content of toxic substances in the city wasalmost 40 times higher than the level considered safe for health.Do not get mewrong.

I am not against the progress and growth of the economy. I am againstthe wasteful and incompetent squandering of natural resources. Against barbarictreatment of the environment. Enterprises should be built and developed (butonly in harmony with nature), and the products are produced (and processed).


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