One day I was heading to the beach in Santa Monica. As I was walking on the soft smooth sand I tripped over something that felt like glass. I looked over to where I tripped and found a beautiful glass bottle.

I pulled out the cork and a magical thing happened.To start off with, a Genie popped out from the bottle. I was so surprised that I could have just fainted. “Greetings my friend your wish is my command” said the genie. “My wish is your command” I replied back. “Oh right you’re a genie.”I wish that one of my friends were a sister.

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” “POOF”, right next to me was my best friend Anila. “OMG we are sisters!!!!!!” we both screamed.”This is the best day ever” I said. I took the glass bottle and gave it a shake to get the genie back in the bottle. I shoved the bottle in my jacket and ran to my families car. “AHHHHHHH, where is our car”.

I  said out loud. In surprise my family had accidently left me. Anila and I gasped in fear. What are we going to do. “I don’t have a phone or anything to get contact with my family members” I said. “Hey remember  the genie” Anila spoke out.  “Smart thinking” I said. Wasn’t I already smart” Anila said in a funny voice.

I took the genie out from my jacket ,took out the cork and made a wish. “I wish we were in our families car” we both said. “BABOOM,PUFF, POW”, we were in our families car. My mom spoke out “right Sarah”. “Yeah” I replied in a confused voice,(I had no idea what she was talking about,but I just replied with a yes”.) To end off with, my mom looked at the back seat and her eyes widened open.

“Why is Anila in our car”. I spoke in a happy voice because she is my sister”. My moms confusing face made me blurt out the secret, “Uhm so I found a bottle and I kinda pulled out the cork and a genie popped out. He said he will grant my wishes so I wished one of my friends were a sister and he gave me Anila as a sister. “Ok” my mom said in a huge gasp. “Great now I have 4 children” my mom said with a gasp. The genie from my jacket said “what will be your last wish.

” I just remembered that I had forgotten to shake the bottle. “Uhm I think 2 wishes for one day was enough” I said while shaking the bottle.In conclusion, my whole family member had buy another ticket back to Denver for Anila.  All I can think in my brain was sorry for my whole parents. I gave my one last wish “I wish my family is back to normal and I wish my family can have a great incredible life.


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