“Onceyou stop learning, you start dying.” This quote by Albert Einstein perfectlydescribes my view of life. I believe that learning is a lifelong process. Thisinsatiable hunger for learning has motivated me to apply for this graduateprogram. After High school, my love for chemistry my altruistic tendencies ledme to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. Attending a lecture by a guest whospoke about materials used in drug delivery devices and advanced packagingmaterials used for pharmaceuticals was the turning point for me. As I read moreabout it, I realised that it the path I want to follow. My interest for thissubject has only grown in the past two years.

MyBachelor’s degree being an industry and research oriented course rather than acommunity pharmacy course focused more on chemistry and formulation aspects andhence I learnt about biomaterials and polymers in my Pharmaceutics courses. Studyingat one of the premiere institutes in the country and having highly supportiveprofessors was an added benefit.  Academically I have always done well,consistently being in the class top five rankers. Learning German on my own by interactingwith people online, taught me to persistent and disciplined and to alwaysstrive to improve in some way. Being an inquisitive person, I have alwaysquestioned things and looked for answers.

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I worked on a project with anotherclassmate during which we were confronted with an industry based problem aboutdeveloping a higher bioavailability product by utilizing a polymer coating. Ialso worked on other projects on my own and as an assistant for PhD students inorder to broaden my knowledge. Working 16 hours in lab per week has made mewell acquainted with lab practices.

Taking up the role of the president ofISPOR and being a member of other organisations like DIA has imbibed in me the abilityto work under pressure. The industry internships that I took up during myundergraduate studies helped cement my goals.Mypharmaceutical background has equipped me with knowledge about topics such asdifferent microscopes and the principle of their functioning, various polymersin medicine, interfaces, catalysis, interaction of materials with tissues andother topics relevant to this program. I also have done a course in biomedicalnanotechnology in order to learn more about the subject and expand myknowledge. Hence, I would love to study about Biomaterials during this program,though I am open to other topics as well. It is my belief that newtechnological innovations in materials will have a huge impact on the future ofmedical care and drug delivery.

This ‘Advanced Materials’ program would serveto give me the direction that I need in order to achieve my future goals ofworking with biomaterials. In the future I would like to work on developingmore cost effective and efficient biomaterials to increase efficacy of drugdelivery and improve functioning of medical devices. Topics like nano robotsand special materials made for for targeting certain tumours have sparked agreat interest in me for this subject. The large number of opportunities thatexist for students like me who have multidisciplinary interests to work oninteresting projects and to become involved in active research programs at youruniversity is just what I am looking for. Ifully understand the sheer dedication and determination that this graduateprogram calls for; I believe that I have the passion and the ability to take upthis exciting challenge.

Therefore I feel that studying in your University isthe logical extension of my current objectives. Thank you for considering myapplication,


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