On my way to junior high school, every morning one particular building caught my attention. That building was different than the rest of the surroundings.

I was amazed to see the louvers and the play of shadows during the different time of the day and it was the Department of Architecture of  Bangladesh Engineering and Technology. Little that I knew that time, after almost 18 years, this building was going to be my residence for the rest of my undergraduate life. My fascination of being an architect grew from the early stage of my junior high school when I was working on a class project on “Dream City”, making small models of building blocks and drawing presentations. I remember sculptor Hamiduzzaman Khan praising me for my ideas, drawings, and model making skill which ignited my desire to become an architect one day.During my undergraduate studies, I was able to work on a wide variety of projects ranging from residence design to public space design, from interior design to landscape design.

The projects I enjoyed most in my undergraduate study are 3rd and 4th-year level projects. Those project involved human behavior, how people use public space, complex functions, climatic issues, conservation of natural and historic elements etc. In level 5, Term 2, I chose my undergraduate thesis project, “Revitalizing Brass/Bronze Craft of Dhamrai, Savar, Dhaka”, to reflect upon the knowledge and experience I acquired in previous four studios. I tried to come up with a solution to design a platform to save the dying craft of Brass/Bronze and at the same time promote the craft to people by sharing the space and conversation among craftsmen and common people. While working for Bangladesh Police Headquarter, I had the opportunity to work on multiple public buildings with complex functions and requirements.

The knowledge I acquired from my undergraduate studies has helped me to address those complexities and solve those issues as required. The experiences I gained has been inspiring and satisfactory so far, but I somehow feel I need to get more advanced knowledge and training to recover my shortcomings and obtain more detailed knowledge. I understand that It is important to reform my previous education and training in a restorative, dynamic environment with full of diverse perspective and ideas.

That is why I am highly motivated to undertake graduate work.Upon joining Bangladesh Police Headquarter, I was assigned to the design team of Bangladesh Police Multipurpose Hall, where I had the task of critically analyze different requirement and data, generate a design solution for the multipurpose hall, providing plans, sections, elevations and other supporting construction drawings, 3d visualizations and interior design solutions of certain areas within a very short amount of time. I was able to perform under a very tight schedule of 6 months and our design and construction team was able to construct the hall within the deadline. within these periods.

often I had to come up with instant solutions to critical problems. In my undergraduate studies, in group projects, I had shown affirmative communication and negotiation skill which lead to a successful outcome of projects. I believe I have the dedication and capability to work in a diverse environment, come up with creative solutions to different design problems, perform under pressure and open minded to welcome design criticism made towards my proposed design solution. My 3dvisualization skill and background in the art have helped in conveying our design proposals to the clients and jurors.  That is why I feel that I can qualify to pursue my Master of Architecture 2 degree in your profoundly reputed Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design.In Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, I will be colligated with intricate courses like “Computer Application in Design”, “Architecture and Urbanism Seminar”, “Movements in Architecture and Western Thought” etc. Additional to these theoretical courses, the Master in Architecture 2 course corresponds with practical and professional experiences.  The Master of Architecture 2 degree will help me to gain comprehensive knowledge with emphasis on complex issues while assessing different variables, data, information, and resources.

 Architecture has spread out its branches along with the development and necessity of human race and shaped human society and cities along its path. In my undergraduate years, I enjoyed projects involving urban issues, urban spaces, dialogue between human and public spaces, urban morphology and historic and cultural preservation. For an advanced and detailed understanding of these issues and addressing them into my designs, I am interested in concentrating on the complexity that exists at the urban scale and leads to the development of various design component of the urban built environment.    Architecture is a diverse subject that not only focuses on designing space but also in shaping its users’ lifestyle and behavior both in private and public spaces. In this sector, theoretical and practical knowledge cannot solve issues separately.

My goal is to incorporate both practical and theoretical knowledge that I acquire in my graduate studies into designing shared urban spaces which not only people can use, but also can shape the collective behavior of a society.The school of Architecture + design is consists of the skilled and world-renowned faculty. I will consider myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with any of these esteemed faculty members. I am eagerly looking forward to working with Professor A. Jack Davis. Professor Davis had been the Dean of College of Architecture and Urban Studies and during his term as Dean, the institution had maintained top national rankings in the majority of the programs. Professor Davis has profuse experience as the principal architect of over 30 projects.

I am certain that working with Professor Davis will allow me to learn a great deal about profession and practice from his profound knowledge and experience. I sincerely hope I Have shown my utmost interest in this prestigious program.


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