On the 13th on September 1964, an audience packed a galleryspace in Stockholm to size with the expectation to watch a performance ofRobert Rauchenberg. In advance to beginning the first performance of ElginTie, Rauschenberg prepared a performance of Shot Put, whichwas his second performance piece created while working alongside the JudsonDance Theatre.

To the audience’s surprises, once he ended Shot Put,he snuck out of the gallery during the time that the lights were switched offand got up to the rooftop to begin a new performance. As soon as the lightswere switched back on, the audience could see nothing but a piece of ropehanging from a skylight that finished in a drum filled with water in front ofthem. The drum was settled on a huge wagon which was in the middle of theperformance gallery. In due course Rauschenberg entered the room from the roofand lowered himself using the rope.

Numerous objects were fastened to the pieceof rope, which he used as he lowered himself. He made his way to the barrel andas he did so he came across obstacles to slow down his performance, he didthinks such a eating a sandwich and putting on a new pair of socks. Finally,once he had reached the end of the rope, he got into the drum that was filledwith water, and it became evident that he had not thought through how to getout. The unexpected difficulty that he had meant that he never tried to do theperformance again. From when Rauschenberg finally got out of the barrel,he stepped into a large pair of boots which were stuck by nails onto the wagon,which meant that he was able to lean far forward to an unmanageable position. Rauschenbergtook out a white tie and put it around his neck, which was the cue for afarmer, to enter the gallery space towing a cow.

  Rauschenberg had originallyhoped to get a to cow pull the wagon of stage, but he then noticed an additionalhindrance, the flooring of the gallery was too well polished, and the cow wouldslip when she strode across to room. To extinguish the issue, he put big socksonto the cow’s huffs and have the cow walked across the gallery area. An additionalunparalleled incident that happened during the performance was that the cowdefecated just as she was about to leave the room, fortunately, the audiencefound the moment very humorous. With the cow being unable to pull the waggon asRauschenberg had first wanted, he then had to get a friend to drag the waggon offwhile he repeatedly tied his tie.  Rauschenbergchallenged the confines involving taking a cow into an art gallery.

He embracesthe uncertainty and unpredictability that comes with working with things out ofour control and looks for ways to make them work in his favour. 


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