On a farm lived a small, smart mouse, who watched everything well with her button eyes.

 So one day she realized that the farmer was setting up mousetraps and sensed danger. Immediately she went to the other animals to warn her. But they did not take their words seriously. “Do not shout like that,” the chicken told them, “a mousetrap may be a problem for you, but not for me!” The sheep at least showed compassion by saying, “I feel with you and will be with you tonight pray, but that does not affect me. “Finally, there was the cow that could understand her. But that too was dismissive. She just laughed, “Do you think a mousetrap could hurt me? Hahaha! So what do I have to do with it? ” Since she could not find an open ear anywhere and certainly could not expect any help, she tripped back into her mouse hole, hiding there in the far corner. She could not sleep because of excitement.

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 So it came that she heard a rumbling in the early morning – the mousetrap was snapped. Shortly after, the farmer’s wife came into the kitchen, who had also heard the noise and now wanted to see if the mouse had been killed. In the dark, she did not initially see that the trap was just theCaught the tail of a poisonous snake. Before she could turn on the light, she was bitten by the snake and loudly began to scream. Immediately, the farmer rushed into the kitchen, saw what had happened, and drove his wife to the hospital, where she was treated and survived the poisonous bite.

 Only the fever did not want to give way. So he decided to kill the chicken to cook a strong broth. When the farmer’s wife was well again, all the neighbors were invited, and there was a big party. But he had to slaughter his sheep. When the hospital bill arrived, the farmer felt compelled to take the cow to the slaughterhouse to be able to pay for everything.The small, intelligent mouse had watched closely all the happenings and now had their own thoughts: “Why did not they take my warning seriously? Why did not they realize that a problem that one of us has can endanger everyone else? “


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