On January 29, 2018, TFP Student Action went to Swarthmore College, in Swarthmore, Penn., in order to fight against yet another onslaught against God and the Church. Swarthmore College has planned college courses to take place this upcoming fall semester titled, “Queering the Bible”, and “Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology”. As a fervent Catholic organization, TFP Student Action could not sit idly by as this blasphemy took place. They went out to Swarthmore, Penn. to perform a peaceful, prayerful protest against the sanctioning of the irreverent courses. About 20 local supporters came out to join Student Action in their prayerful protest. Among those locals were a priest who led the protesters in the Rosary, two war veterans, and other local, fervent Catholics. A couple groups of students came by, but they mainly just stayed off to the side watching as the protest unfolded. There were some students, however, that came up to the protesters and attempted to convince them that the homosexual courses were good. One pro-homosexual student tried to explain to TFP Student Action volunteer John Paul Tomba that the Bible was just another piece of literature, and as such, could be interpreted differently according to each person. Mr. Tomba replied to her and explained that they were protesting against the course because, “the whole concept of the course is an offense against God.” He explained that the same Bible that the homosexual course was using spoke out against homosexuality, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22).  He went on, “we are against this course out of principle. This course offends God, and therefore, it offends us as well. It is our duty to be here protesting or else we wouldn’t be truly serious about our cause.” Another student came and accused TFP Student Action volunteers of ignoring and refusing to talk with the students at Swarthmore College. Student Action volunteer Matthew Miller stated that all of the protesters were open to discussion with the students and that they were the people not talking. He also pointed out that she had just been speaking with multiple different protesters for the last half hour. Confronted with this logical syllogism, she changed topics. She asked Student Action director John Ritchie how he could protest against the course since he did not have the syllabus for the classes. He responded that he had read Swarthmore College’s own description of the courses and, just from that description, he could, “see what is wrong with the courses being offered”. After the protest finished, TFP Student Action volunteers entered the large college administration building, in order to present the president of the college, Dr. Valerie Smith, with the protests of 14,119 online signatories, who were also petitioning the college to cancel the blasphemous courses.


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