Oman: The Arab League’s Foreign Ministers have agreed to continue efforts to recognize Palestinians as separate states, and a diplomatic campaign will begin soon.According to details, the Foreign Ministers meeting of six Arab countries in Oman last week has been decided that the Arab League will continue its efforts to recognizePalestinians as an independent state in the United Nations. Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ehsud Safadi said that the Palestinians would have the final throne of East Jerusalem on which Israel has established a forced occupation since 1967.A statement by President Donald Trump declaring Jerusalem to recognize Israel’s capital and transferring the US embassy to the Jerusalem. So Arab League has made many decisions ‘Remember that this decision by Donald Trump has left in one direction The Middle East American policy has changed radically.The Arab League’s Foreign Minister had gathered in Oman to discuss the progress on the decisions, where it was agreed that the struggle for declaring Jerusalem as “the capital of Palestine and to be an independent state of Palestine” Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Expeditionary, EU, Moroccan Foreign Minister and Secretary General of the Arab League also attended the conference.

The Arab League said that this decision of US will take region’s stability in danger and the US President’s decision is also a serious violation of international law.NO LEGAL PRIORITIZATION EXISTS.Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ehmed Safadi said further conferences of Arab League will continue to be held and will be reviewed by what Arab League can do to make the people of Palestine their own self-determination.

He said that in the light of the UN resolution, the 1967 boundaries of Palestinians will have to recognize the letter.


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