guys Cassey here how are you doing on your fitness journey are you working hard
are you trading hard are you eating well well probably one of the reasons why
you clicked on this video is maybe because you’re having a little bit of trouble
a little bit of struggle losing weight is not easy it’s not easy for me it’s
not easy for you for your friends for other people and even other fitness professionals
it is an emotional process it is physical it is time-consuming but you know
what it can be fun it can be really really fun if you know what foods to eat
and how to work out so that it doesn’t even feel like a chore today we are
doing the top five countdown for best tips to losing weight tip number five is
drink water now last year when I was dieting down for my bikini competition I
was drinking anywhere between 1.5 to 2 gallons of water a day now that’s crazy
it’s a little bit extreme because well a bikini competition is kind of extreme
but here’s here’s what I would recommend you can either drink anywhere between
8 to 12 glasses of water a day or because all our bodies are different check
your pee I said it check your pee if your urine looks like apple juice you’re
gonna have to drink a little bit more water if it looks like lime juice not
lemonade lime juice you are good you are hydrated so what advanced ways to do
this is to carry around a water bottle now this one is 600 milliliters I drink
several of these a day and what I love doing is adding in some frozen mangos or
frozen strawberries or sometimes even just like some slices of lemon and it
really flavors my water and tastes like hint water so that is a great way to
flush out your toxins and also to keep you full sometimes when you feel hungry
and then you grab a snack or something you’re not actually hungry your mind is telling
you fill my stomach self a stomach sometimes it is thirst so the best thing to
do before you eat a meal I suggest down a cup of water and then you’ll actually
be able to tell when you’re hungry and when you’re full I she tried this for a
while and it did help me eat less tip number four cut out the refined carbs and
replace them with veggies so what is a refined carve your flat carb is
something like white rice white bread honey milk sugar these things will really
get stored in your body as fat if you don’t use the energy right away what you
want to do is to place the refined car with a complex carb so so let’s let’s
let’s get a little scientific here there are foods that are categorized under
simple carbs and foods categorized under complex carbs and what you want to do
is replace these with these because simple carbs actually are made up of a
chemical structure that has two sugars these guys over here complex carbs are
made of a chemical structure with three sugars so the bonds that hold them
together actually add a lot of fiber into your diet and takes a little bit
longer to digest meaning your body has to work a little bit harder to digest
these guys up here for example if you’re eating beef and rice for dinner
replace it with beef and broccoli broccoli still has carbs to give you energy
but they are complex carbs and it gives you a lot of fiber into your diet which
helps you stay full and eat less plus I mean this is just from personal
experience when I am eating a lot of rice or a lot of bread I feel really
really slow and lethargic and sometimes I don’t even a lot I will just fall
asleep you know that feeling after lunch you know you’re heading back into
class you’re heading back into work and you were like really you really can’t
handle any more like this thing’s in right now that is because of the food to
eat but if you’re eating your vegetables in your lean protein you will still
feel energetic tip number three don’t eat fruit after 2:00 p.m. what do I mean
you know a lot of Fitness competitors and bodybuilders don’t eat fruit
throughout their whole competition prep diet because of the sugars in the fruit
and the carbs in the fruit now I’m not telling you to do that because you will
go insane you’ll be very unhappy I tried it myself last year when I was
prepping for my competition and I was going lutely crazy and what I suggest is
that just eat your fruit in the beginning part of the day 2 p.m. is your cutoff
time so that you have a lot more time to burn off the sugar is to burn off and use
up that energy so you know for example if you’re eating an apple for breakfast
along with some oatmeal all good burning burning burning you can definitely
have the fruit right before your workout to really pump up your energy stores
and really get you revved up for your workout that’s totally ok but if you’re
having your fruit towards the end of the day you’re probably about to go to
sleep so what’s gonna happen to that there are some people that absolutely cut
out their fruit if they’re really really really trying to lose every you know
if your body fat percentage is really really that important you really need to
get down to certain level then you may have to eliminate fruit but I suggest to
stay sane to really hit your goals while feeling happy which is what we’re
trying to do here we’re not trying to make you feel like this is a horrendous
journey a just how to get through it and once you’re done you’re done no I want
this to be an eating clean lifestyle and an eating clean lifestyle to me
includes fruit because it’s happy it’s healthy and it’s delicious remember to
try to eat fruit before 2 p.m. and you will seriously seriously see a change in
your physique I promise at the same time don’t you be sneaking in some other cheesecakes
of stuff after 2 p.m. ok ok tip number 2 don’t be a cardio funny have you ever
seen those women at the gym core just doing an elliptical for like four hours
and yes they may look slim but where is the musculature let me tell you a
better way to lose weight look toned and feel energetic so you need to lift
weights you need to lift weights and I’m not saying you have to go into the
weight room with all the intense and intimidating guys though you shouldn’t be
intimidated you are empowered you are beautiful you go wherever you want what
I’m saying is that you need to lift something and with Pilates that counts to
Pilates allows you to use your own body weight to act as resistance anytime
your muscles are working like that you are burning calories you are working
hard and in fact you continue to burn calories after you workout with cardio
when you’re done you’re done you’re done so guys if you really want to keep
your metabolism revved up lift your weights do your Pilates and also if you
really need to you know pick it up another crazy notch of intensity do those
pop hits those pop hits will lean you out like nothing else these pop hits are crazy
they stand for high-intensity interval training and these ones will skyrocket
your heart rate get you sweating oh man this gets me drenched and it will
absolutely absolutely change your physique and you know what it only lasts
about 45 minutes to an hour and you’re done and I guarantee I absolutely guarantee
you that you will burn way more calories and change your body way faster than
you will standing on that elliptical for two hours and if you want to know how
you should pair your workouts every day if you guys don’t already know I
release a workout calendar every month I tell you exactly what to do every day
what videos work well together and I make sure we do legs one day we do but one
day we do abs on day we do cardio days dance days to make sure your body stays
engaged it stays excited and I never repeat the same routine every four weeks
we change so be sure you’re subscribed to the newsletter I send out the secret
password and the secret password will reveal the calendar every month to make
sure you do not plateau because oh my goodness after all this hard work you do
not want to Plateau the number one tip do you have any idea what it could be
well here it is here it is guys write down everything you eat and how you feel
mm-hmm no it is not homework guys it is what you need to do to stay accountable
to be true to yourself and to stop cheating maybe this will put it in line for
you Fitness is like marriage if you cheat on it it’s not gonna work so guys you
got to really write everything down during my bikini competition I wrote down
every chicken Brad every egg white every scoop of protein powder and what it
ated and I also wrote down how I felt how I slept so that if I ever needed to go
back and see what I did to get to where I was it would be right there right
there ready for me meal plan trading plan ready to go so if you have a journal
or something like this where you can write down your breakfast your lunch or
snack through dinner and also what you did for your workout it’s seriously will
keep you in line you really really need to do that in fact I always write down
my workout before I do it but I don’t go to the gym and I’m like well if you
write down what you’re going to do it’s kind of like that paper is your
personal trainer yelling at you to do it and you can’t cheat on a personal
trainer right so the number one tip today is to write everything down you
really got to be honest you really really really got to be true to yourself and
trust me the changes will come and if you’re cheating you’re only cheating yourself
you’re not trying to impress anyone so really seriously write it down you will
be surprised how much food you consume that you don’t even think about so that
leads me to a whole nother thing I’m gonna be doing a 12-week new Body Makeover
and I want you to join me mm-hmm we’re gonna be doing this together it takes
about 12 weeks to truly transform your body I mean to completely look like a
whole different person so I am going to be doing a very very very special 12-week
new Body Makeover meal plan for you guys I’m working with the certified nutritionist
over at weight training com to develop the perfect meal plan for you using a
lot of my blog colitis recipes along with some other awesome awesome ways to
utilize vegetables and whole grains to make sure that you get lean you get cut
and Europe taste palate stays invigorated it stays excited because I am doing
this with you I’m gonna put official start being on this the official start
date of the 12-week new body makeover challenge of December 1st I’ll be
releasing the week 1 meal plan on November 26 this is going to be a 12-week
process and I will be releasing the password for every week because meal plans
gonna change every week on the Tuesday before the Week starts every week I will
be releasing the secret password in different places the first week is going to
be YouTube the second week is going to be Twitter third week Facebook and
fourth week the newsletters so be sure to subscribe to this channel guys please
subscribe to this channel it’s going to be hard but you are not going to be
weak ok I promise you I’m gonna be here with you the postures will be here with
you and you know what because our number one tip today was to write everything
down I have a surprise for you for the past few months I’ve been working with
Kimberly over at our fleet to develop the most beautiful fit Journal you have
ever seen and here it is so here is our fit journal it is a 12-week journal
perfect for a 12-week program to really change your body because you’ll get to
write down what you’re having everyday what your workout is how much water
you’re drinking how you’re sleeping and anything else about how you’re feeling
their motivational pictures to really keep you excited to keep you invigorated
and a before picture and after picture because I want you to write your own
story I want you to have a transformation Tuesday that you can send in for the
blog oh my god this is me so crazy so this book right here is available on shop
Blogilates calm you can click on it to head over there right now and see it and
see all the pictures in there you know what guys if you order this book right
now but we put on a special mailing list in which I will personally email you
the full meal plan before anyone else gets it or you could wait and every week
I’ll release a password so you can get it week by week but i really suggest
that you just get everything together because you really need to write things
down in phase one we’ll be starting out with a great transition period where
you’ll be introduced to a lot of clean foods and really really leaning out
phase two we continue to do that we change it up so that your taste palate
stays excited you don’t get bored and you don’t get discouraged phase three we
are really cutting it say you’re getting ready for your event this is the time
to really bring everything in and go crazy a lot of people out there are
charging tons of money for meal plans anywhere between 50 to 80 to 150 dollars
for a meal plan but you know what I I don’t really think we need to do that
here I thought you covered working with certified nutritionist to make sure
that you are getting everything that you need to feel good and oh yeah there’s
gonna be a vegan plan too I want us all to start on the same day I am doing it
with you so you’ll be seeing my tweets my instagrams on how I’m eating and how
I’m training and I’m really gonna take it up a notch give this video a thumbs
up if you are in go ahead and write down the comments below if you were in I
need to know this is your first step this is your first step towards committing
just go ahead and write down right there I’m in yes or yes guys yes or yes yeah
by the end of 12 weeks you’re gonna be a completely different prison you’re
gonna look back and be like oh my goodness I’m so glad that I started and I’m
so glad you’re doing it with me thank you so much guys and I love you so much
and I’ll see you next time  


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