Often there is confusion between religion and spirituality. Eitherthrough conduct or religion is based on belief or worship of God or Deity.

Throughreligion one practices a specific system of belief or worship that includes aset of ethics to be followed. Spirituality does not involve or preach a particularpractice. It is more about a way of being and dealing with various aspects oflife with ethics and certain morals. While practicing spirituality you giveyourself an opportunity to experience the bliss of the world as it is aroundyou.

 1.      No rules to follow spiritualitySpirituality allows you to follow yourheart, listen to your intuition then make a decision and follow the right pathfor yourself and for the others. By following spirituality you can be a betterperson without any expectations of punishment or a reward.

 2.      Basis of spirituality is love not fearThere is a lot of fear dotted through religion. Spiritualityis practiced on the basis of love unlike in religion sometimes there is a fearthat our actions may have an impact or a fear of what may happen after death ifa life is not lead according to a set of principles or values. In spiritualityone focuses on doing well for self and others with love in one’s heart andwithout any fear.

Spirituality inculcates love that is an empowering toolmaking one braver and feeding the soul. Inner strength is manifested despite ofany consequences.3.      Religion gives you knowledge whereasspirituality lets you explore itReligion informs one about the facts of the universe as tohow it has been created and why are we all a part of this universe whereas withspirituality we can explore and discover these answers for ourselves. One maygo very deep in order to discover these answers on which there are no limitsset.

4.      There are many religions but spirituality is oneThere are several religions and all of them preach via adifferent story. With the use of spirituality one explores the truth despite ofour differences and uniqueness in any religion and what they preach.

Spirituality focuses on the divine messages without concentrating on storiesthat may be preached via different religions.5.      Karma and punishmentKarma is based on actions, words and deeds. Karma isbasically our actions and thoughts that have a power to influence our destiny.Each religion has a different belief of how karma works and deeds should bepursued in order to attain happiness and end our sufferings.  Spirituality unlike religion does not speakof any threat, punishment or hell, it only speaks that right path wouldultimately take a person to gain the right outcome.6.

      Choose your own pathSpirituality concentrates on the right conduct,enlightenment and self-discovery by which allows you to set your own limits.Religion is also manifested by roots of deep spirituality. Religion does imbibeone with the truth and an individual can be spiritual as well as a religiousperson at the same time. Spirituality reminds us that we should be free of ourborders, races and cultural differences.

Apart from the many differences between religion andspirituality, we must remember that we are all one and love should be the onlyconstant factor. Karmacopia has online sessions. Here we know there are somepeople who do not pray meditate or follow any groups. These individuals canstill be moulded spiritually by serving and helping themselves and other anddefinitely we can be both spiritual and religious at the same time. So for thehighest good for yourself and others spread love, joy, peace, kindness andtruth with us at Karmacopia.

Manifest ypour dreams with us through spiritual guidance!


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