Often times siblings can have extremely varying relationships with one another, some being like a best friend, others a rival, and some don’t have a relationship at all. My own brother is nothing less of a role model for me. Being seven years older than I, often times he was the one taking care of me as my parents worked tirelessly to provide us a better life. My entire life, my brother was similar to a superhero to me; he was the constant rock that could not be altered.

Can you imagine having the strongest person and a role model in your life have everything change because of something called POTS? No, all you recreational drug users, not the drug; but Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Standing sends his normal heart rate to post marathon, in mere minutes. If that isn’t enough, he also has Vasovagal Syncope, causing at times his blood pressure to plummet so low he passes out. These complex medical words and a host of medical symptoms plagued his teenage years and robbed him of the latter years of his adolescence.

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Grab your coat, we’re going to trudge through a path of countless diagnoses and misdiagnoses that at times left my brother a shell of his former self. These sicknesses have no boundaries. It interrupted tons of school, soccer games, family vacations, the complicated high school social life, and has changed every aspect of his life and everyone around him. At the blooming age of 15 a forced to trip to the mall with the family would reveal the first taste of what was to come for the man I thought untouchable. Standing in the middle of Walmart, when suddenly he stands up, announcing he didn’t feel well, and passing out in the cleaning lady’s wash pail a quick moment later. The pail’s germs were the least of the worries that incident foreshadowed.

Fast forward 2 years; its early morning, grade 12. Everyone stands up tired and moaning as “O Canada” resonates signalling the beginning of another boring day of school. However, unlike other students who were tired due to lack of sleep, or other activities lead in their normal lives my brother began to feel dizzy. He felt the need to sit down, but no, he must


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