Often times, leaders speak of or talk ambition and honor. One such great leader is Julius Caesar. He once said “Ambition is among the strongest and most creative forces in the arsenal of human.”julius caesar was an ambitious ruler whose ambition lead him to his death.

The play written by William Shakespeare was about Julius Caesar who was a ruler of Rome and was brutally murdered by a close friend named Brutus and his companions the conspirators.  After his deaths his two close friends spoke at his funeral they both had two different perspectives of Julius, Brutus perspective was a bad perspective and also why he killed him. Brutus reason for killing julius was because he felt Julius was too selfish and Brutus was all about rome he wanted his people to be free, he believed that caesar was very ambitious.  On the other hand Antony believed caesar was a good person. Antony was more of a caesar person he thought of caesar as a honourable man.  Even though Brutus and antony both had strong speeches Brutus speech was better due to his exaggeration and loaded words.

Brutus and Antony have similarities to their speeches and the similarity is they both focus on honor as quoted by Antony  in act 3 scene 2 lines 10-11 “for brutus is an honourable man; so are they all, all honourable”. Furthermore, the quote by Brutus in act 3 scene 2 line 4 “believe me for mine honour ,and have respect to mine honour” Therefore, both are telling us that Brutus has honour so they listen to Brutus. Also they both persuade, antony persuades the audience that caesar is a good person. Brutus persuades them that Caesar’s ambition killed him.Antony and Brutus both have differences in their speeches such as Brutus convinces the people that killing caesar was a good thing as quoted act 3 scene 2 lines 12-14 “had you rather caesar were living and die all slaves.

Than that caesar were dead and living as free man?.” On the other hand Antony shows that caesar ambition was good quotes in act 3 scene 2 line 6 “hath told you caesar was ambitious .”  Caesar was ambitious and Brutus is the only one that didn’t like it. Brutus speech was better because the devices were intensified because Brutus uses exaggeration to prove his point as proven in act 3 scene 2 line 6-8 “not that i loved Caesar less, but i loved Rome more”,  He shows that didn’t do extra to him. Brutus uses loaded words to explain action proven in act 3 scene 2 line 29-30 “his glory not extenuated” he uses glory to create emotion and point victories. Furthermore, Antony focuses on the good parts of caesar ambition is bad, Caesar alive leads to them as slaves. Due to Brutus strong words and exaggeration, his speech was better.


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