Offering delicious food as well as high-quality service iswhat best describes a great restaurant experience for customers.

Likerestaurateurs, customers have also comprised restaurant technology for people inthis day and age are always on their smartphones.As over the most recent couple of years, 2018 will not justbe about the quality of the foods you offer in your restaurant and the ambianceyour restaurant gives. It is also about how you convey the experience to yourcustomers.

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Upgrading your point-of-sale (POS) system greatly affectsthe quality of service you offer to your consumers. If you are new to this technology,it is important to know the newest trends and features that will be most usefulfor your restaurant and how can you maximize it. Here are the top 10 valuablerestaurant POS features for 2018 according to Lauren Deol of Takeaway Genie:1.      Simplicity and EfficiencyThe simplicity of the restaurant’s POS system that couldcentralize all the restaurant’s operations in one technology greatly increasesits efficiency. Having numerous technologies working autonomously in arestaurant is inefficient, time-consuming, and not cost-effective. Combiningfeatures like online ordering system, inventory and reporting in one simplesystem makes it possible for restaurants to operate as smoothly as possible. Plus,having a centralized POS system and simple user interface (UI) not onlyincreases efficiency but also helps both employees and customers understandbetter on how to use the system.

2.      Reliable HardwareInvesting on a reliable hardware greatly affects the efficiencyof their restaurants most especially when it is being used during peak hours becauseit reduces the chance of breaking down that could affect the restaurant’sprofitability. According to Restaurant Technology Report, 95% of restaurateursagreed that technology improves the efficiency of their restaurants.3.

      Software UpdatesPOS updates is just the same as updating applications inyour smartphones. It not only fixes bugs that may be the cause of crashing ofthe software but also upgrades it and adds new features that could be of greathelp with the restaurants transactions. Features like the real time menumanagement and streamlined online ordering allows a restaurant to run more efficiently.4.      Valuable Reporting and Analytics Restaurant POSFeaturesSeeing your restaurant’s reports and analytics in one softwarewill be of great help when you analyze data such as your sales from theprevious month, employee’s shifting schedules to unexpected busy times, whichcould be a basis in adjusting the restaurant’s menu.

5.      Ability to Customize by Restaurant TypesEvery restaurant has different needs based on their typethat is why a customizable POS system is needed in order to achieve the goalsof these different restaurant types. This benefits restaurants in the long termas they aren’t saddled with add-ons they are paying for. 6.      Loyalty, Gift Cards, and CRM Restaurant POSFeaturesAccording to Deol, restaurants using loyalty programs maketheir customers to spend 39% more than non-loyalty guests, while diners spendup to 72% more on average while paying with a gift card. Having loyaltyprograms can engage more loyal customers and with that they can createmarketing strategies based on their buying behavior.7.      Online Ordering IntegrationOnline ordering recently showed an increase in average ordersize by 26% more than call-in and walk-in orders, so one can expect more numberof restaurants to shift their business models to accommodate this in 2018.

Integrating online ordering in the POS system reduces vendor fees and there isno need to pay third party intermediaries for the orders do not have to berouted through an external vendor.8.      Tableside and Kiosk Ordering Restaurant POSFeaturesMobile POS tablets, tableside payment, and self-servicekiosk systems are the three pieces of POS hardware that are expected to becomemore popular in 2018 that is both convenient for restaurateurs and customers.9.      Customer SupportHaving customer support services in POS systems is importantto be able to be more responsive to customer queries most especially duringpeak hours. It is also important that your POS system will never go down duringpeak hours to be able to respond to customers efficiently.10.

  Inventory Tracking and ManagementRestaurant inventory software integrated in POS system willbe convenient for restaurateurs for they can easily update their inventory inreal time which will allow them to make smarter decisions on reorder and menuprofitability. Having the knowledge of these valuable features helps youchoose the best POS system that will best suit your restaurant needs.


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