Odyssey essay     How can we relate to The Odyssey today? The Odyssey comes to us from the 8th century, far from our modern lives today. However, when you read The Odyssey you can quickly figure out the ancient people were not so different to how we are today. Just as Odysseus was on a long journey home to Ithaca, every one of us human beings experience similar journeys throughout our lives in which we face many difficult challenges, however, some learn from these challenges, while others fail to learn from them.    The Odyssey is relevant to us today because it shows many examples of temptation. As Odysseus approaches the Island of the sirens he knew well not to listen to the enchanting music, promising to reveal the future. The narrator states, ” But Odysseus want to hear the sirens … he hears a song that was personalized just for him.” ( Homer …. )  Like Odysseus faces temptations from the sirens. People today face many temptations such as phones, Tv, or just getting distracted by conversations. Therefore The Odyssey is relevant to the world today but showing temptation and how to not give in to temptations.     Another lesson that The Odyssey shows throughout the story is that not everyone is perfect, even Odysseus the king of Ithaca makes mistakes, but he learned from those mistakes to become wiser. As Odysseus arrives at the island of Circe, he sent half of his men to go gather food and was surprised when only one came back, and the rest were turned into animals. Odysseus says ” The only way, I could turn my men back was to sleep with circe … little did I know 5 years had gone by.” ( Homer … ) Even the king of Ithaca wasn’t perfect at everything he did, just like ordinary human beings. While many people might believe they are in fact perfect at everything, it’s important to come to the conclusion that everyone makes mistakes, and instead, it’s good to learn to learn from the fails, and mistakes in life. Throughout The Odyssey, Odysseus shows bravery. In one instance, Odysseus tricked the cyclops by telling him his name was nobody and disguising his men as sheeps to defeat the cyclops. He narrates, ” Odysseus himself grabbed onto the fleece of last sheep’s belly, and escaped through the mouth of the cave” (Homer … ) Throughout his journey, Odysseus has to be smart to pass the obstacles and challenges he faces which he uses to grow stronger, keep his faith and move forward. In conclusion, we as humans face many obstacles throughout our daily lives. Like Odysseus, we have to be brave, and smart to conquer our challenges.While many might believe the 8th-century book, The Odyssey might be old and outdated, readers can still relate to many things Odysseus does throughout his heroic journey, to this day. Thus we can follow Odysseus footsteps in being Brave, Smart, and Faithful to succeed in our own heroic journey.


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