“Ocean’s Eleven” (2001) is a captivating movie which the stylish director, Steven Soderbergh, remade from the 1960 Rat Pack film that starred Frank Sinatra and other actors. The earlier version of “Ocean’s Eleven” did not register much success as the 2001 version. The movie runs for one hundred and sixteen minutes and is rated PG-13 because of its language and sexual content. The characters in the movie are “George Clooney (Danny Ocean) who plays the role of “The idea man”, Brad Pitt (Rusty Ryan) is “The pro”, Andy Garcia (Terry Benedict) is “The Target”, Julia Roberts (Tess Ocean) is “The wild card”, and Matt Damon (Linus Caldwell) is “The roller”. Others are Casey Affleck (Virgil Malloy) who is “The Getaway”, Scott Caan (Turk Malloy) is “The Getway”, Don Cheadle (Basher Tarr) is “The Bashir”, Bernie Mac (Frank Catton) is “The inside man. Finally, Elliot Gould (Reuben Tishkoff) is “The Bankroll”, Eddie Jemison (Livingstone Dell) is “The Eye in the sky,” Shaobo Qin (The Amazing Yen) is “The Grease Man,” and Carl Reiner (Saul Bloom) is the “The high roller”(“Ocean’s Eleven”).

The personality of the characters and the overall look of the movie make it to be engaging. After being set free from a New Jersey top-security prison, Danny Ocean ignores his parole and relocates to Los Angeles to get together with his previous associate in crime and intimate friend, Rusty Ryan. He suggests to him a new plan that he hopes to accomplish. They then travel to Las Vegas to meet one of their close affluent friends, Reuben Tishkoff. They disclose to him the scheme of stealing money from the vaults of the Bellagio, The Mirage and the MGM Grand casinos owned by his former rival in the same business, Terry Benedict. Reuben was at first skeptical, but he eventually gave in and agreed to finance the dirty scheme. In spear heading this operation, Danny aimed at reaping the financial benefits as well as getting back the love of his ex-wife Tess Ocean, who had entered into a relationship with Terry, the one he intends to rob. They make plans to make the raid during one of the busy casino nights corresponding to an occasion when a boxing match is to take place.

During that night, approximately $150 million is expected to be available at the Bellagio vault. The criminal masterminds, Danny and Rusty, start to engage eleven of their former associates into the plan. The team embarks on a thorough planning phase to program their mission. They carry out pre-visits at the Bellagio to understand how it is protected and the behaviors of those who work there. Simultaneously, they make an exact representation of the Bellagio vault to enable them make ways of avoiding its dreadful security systems.

The mission is launched on the night when the boxing match is to take place. Danny starts the lead by going into the casino. Immediately Terry spots him, he is held up in a storeroom and one of the casino bouncers beats him up. Nonetheless, Danny convinces the bouncer to let him go. He then moves out via a ventilation shaft to convene with his associates at the vault. The team then temporarily disrupts power supply to the casino, which enables them to break the vault unnoticed.

Rusty anonymously calls Terry after the power failure to trick him that some people are robbing his vaults. Rusty instructs him to take half of the money in the vault and pack it into a car waiting outside the casino. Failure to do this, he would risk all his money being blown up. A video footage validates Rusty’s threats and he agrees to cooperate, while also he instructs his men to pursue the car.

Terry then makes a desperate call to the S.W.A.T. team to come to his rescue.

The S.W.A.T.

team turns up and engages in a shootout that ends when with the detonation of the half of the cash. After ensuring that the condition is safe, the S.W.A.

T. then drives off from scene and leaves Terry behind. Terry soon finds out that the video footage was false when he notices some features missing from the casino vault. His men who pursued the car noticed that it was being remote controlled. A replay discovered that Danny had falsely made the video footage.

The S.W.A.T.

, who made away with the stolen money undetected, was part of the criminals. When Terry goes back to the place where he had left Danny, he discovers that he has not yet moved. This gives him no reason to associate Danny with the robbery. After a heated conversation, Danny agrees to assist Terry get his money back on the provision that he leaves Tess. On the other hand, the team channels this verbal exchange to Tess’s suite. Tess then becomes angry at being used by Terry, which prompts her to go back to Danny. Terry informs the police that Danny has not adhered to the parole and he ends up spending some time behind the bars.

At the time when Danny is eventually set free, Rusty and Tess meet him and they drive off, as Terry’s men pursues them.

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