OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH HAZARDS IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR Introduction RationalesOne of the major issues in india is the health expenditure and the bearing of its financial burden. Over the years the disease pattern has changed from communicable to non communicable diseases . as the disease pattern has changed the expenses and the type of care is also changing in india .

construction workers are the most marginalised and the vulnerable population in our country . construction workers work in construction site without any safety measures and they don’t even  have the basic  facilities. Most of the workers would be the migrant workers and the are mostly malnutritional ,unhygienic living condition, lack in economic status,unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation.few workers are not aware of their health status. To help these kind of most vulnerable people ,health insurance is only the possible way to get a solution.Occupational health hazards is the illness that develops over a time period in the workplace conditions. The conditions includes exposure to disease causing bacteria and viruses. Construction industry is one of the most  hazar prone industries thus the workers are exposed to many kinds of risks and health problems .

some of the health problems are Respiratory disordersSkin disordersInjuriesstressEye problemMusculoskeletal disorders OBJECTIVES To study the usage pattern of healthcare services by the construction sectorTo understand the financial mechanism used by the construction workers to pay for health servicesTo study the challenges faced by construction workers in the utilisation of health insurance schemesTo understand the universality and usage pattern of health insurance schemes between the construction workersMethodologyStudy designThe study will be descriptive in nature. This study will describe about how the construction workers make use of the health services to overcome their  health problems .it will also describe about the knowledge ,universality and usage pattern of different health insurance scheme by the construction workers.the study will be quantitative in nature so it will have quantitative data collection methods. My sample will be the construction workers in chennai.Data source and collectionData source will be mostly dependent on primary data .

data collection will be done by conducting semi structured interviews with the workers in the construction . my sample size would be around 180 construction workers and officers in tamilnadu labour welfare board .The sampling method would be simple random sampling method .

because the construction site has different kinds of workers. So considering the construction site as heterogeneous in natureStudy areaThe study is to be conducted in chennai tamilnadu . due to my convenience in collecting the data . i will try to collect data from government construction sites if permitted.

Variables Dependent Variables will be Usage of health servicesUsage of health insurance schemesIndependent variables will be Income Age sex immigration status knowledge regarding illness Education employee relationship work hoursPrice of health servicesFamily resourcesHealth insuranceAccess to servicesDisability


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