Nursing is seen as a very demanding as well aschallenging career. However, the reward outweighs the challenges. Nursing is anapplied science derivative of other natural sciences such as Biology andChemistry, I believe that these particular subjects need a line of logicalthoughts, ability to collect information, propose a hypothesis and corroboratethem.

However, nursing requires much more than just a logical and unbiasedmind. These qualities are perfect for dealing with data, animals and chemicalreactions, but not with human beings. Being a nurse requires both professional andpersonal development, and a baseline and potential for it, as some featuressuch as charisma, empathy, and compassion, cannot be taught.When trying to figure out a career choice, somecareer advisers will ask what interests you as a person, especially duringchildhood. Unintentionally, children involve themselves in activities thatbring contentment, and joy to them. In adulthood, those qualities are equal tocareer satisfaction, and piquancy; two essentials to a successful career.

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As ateenager, I loved ”playing a doctor” taking care of my great-grandfather.During this period, the idea of being a nurse never came to my mind; rather,giving care was more of a way of life.The amount of influence taking care of mygreat-grandfather had in shaping my decision academically is tremendous,although this was unknown to me for some time. It was well-defined and clearwhen my best friend’s mother had a stroke in my country. I volunteered to takecare of her non medically. As she passes through the process, I remember thecomforting words, and reassuring tone I used while caring for my greatgrandfather during a similar situation.

Amid the fear in her children, I wasoverwhelmed, and confident with the sense of wholeness I never felt before. Atthis point, I became aware that my caregiving duty to my great grandfather hasgiven me the ability to care for others.For this reasons, I decided to go for anentry-level master in nursing and someday become a Doctor of Nursing Practice(DNP). I consider myself to have the essential requirements that a great nurseneed such as empathy, compassion but, also intelligence, discipline andcommitment to reach my goals and deliver the best of me. I firmly believe thatI am an ideal candidate for the MENP in Nursing at Elmhurst College. Mybackground as an excellent student in my undergraduate and graduate studiesmake me the best candidate for this program. In my undergraduate study, Igraduated with a GPA of 3.

28 out of 4.00, from Abia State University Uturu,Nigeria though it was not the best I wished for myself. My zeal for excellentachievement persisted through my graduate studies and I finished with a GPA of3.

91 out of 4.00 at Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria and wasone of the best out of 160 students. I am outgoing and socialize well so I donot find it difficult for people to like me. Although I can be introvert whentalking about my feelings, I consider it normal and not like an impediment tomy future work. People consider me personable, but it’s a matter in which Ihave no opinion. I consider that the most important features I could offer as aprofessional are my motivation, which helps me out to achieve my goalscoordinated by a strong discipline and duty sense, that allows me to putpersonal things aside and perform my job the best as possible.

I firmly believeI have the attitude, leadership, and determination to become a great nurse,always keeping a sense of commitment, humility, and kindness. Whenever I set anobjective in my mind, I do as much as I can to achieve it through hard work,tenacity for not giving up, and commitment up to the end.Nevertheless, I must admit that there are somedeep personal motivations for me becoming a nurse, and this could be consideredthe core of all the above-mentioned qualities. If I had to summarize this ideain a sentence it would be “I would like to provide hope and happiness topatients and their families”. When I was younger, my grandfather was diagnosedwith a particular sickness and the doctor told us that he would die in 2months. Nevertheless, my family took a risk and flew him to the U.S where hewas diagnosed once again, his prognosis changed and with the great medical andnursing attention he received, he lived more than 8 years.

Having thatadditional time with my grandfather and the way he was treated by the nurseswas one of the best gifts we could receive at that time and inspired me tooffer the same to others. But, not only that, I would also like to help othersavoid suffering, as I did not have the same chance. My brother suffered a caraccident and the only hospital that received him had no doctor or nurses totreat him and unfortunately, he died. At that time I thought that if I hadbecome a nurse I could have saved my brother.

Now that I’m older, I understandthat becoming a nurse does not only imply the joy of saving and helping othersbut also enduring and accepting that there will be scenarios where no matterhow much I try to deliver, I won’t be able to help. Regardless, I’d like togive my best and try to help, as that was something that my brother neverreceived.I’m aware that becoming a nurse requires effort,as many things in life. I also know that it’s a very demanding job both interms of personal and professional life. I consider there are someextracurricular activities that could help balance work and life, as well asreduce stress, for instance, yoga and soft sport. I will also consideractivities that will enhance my skills, such as volunteering forhealthcare-related organizations, taking on leadership roles within thecommunity and contacting a local hospital or clinic about shadowing a nurseonce I get the training to do soIn order to meet my goals and desires, I pickedElmhurst College because of the advisors and professionals that reside there,excellent results and recommendations, as well as the program curriculum whichis well designed.

Also, the equipment and academic contents are among the topsix in Illinois. I am confident that this program will help me out to become aprofessional and achieve my dream.I strongly believe that my academic backgroundand my interest in this particular area make me the best candidate for thisposition. If offered the admission, I can assure you that I will be anoutstanding student and will graduate with a remarkable result at the end ofthe day. It is my great hope that your program will make the place for me. Ilook forward to joining Elmhurst College.  


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