It is argued that nuclear energy has negative impact on the environment. It is believed that nuclear energy can be used to promote terrorism through manufacturing of weapons.

It is also feared that the radioactive elements of nuclear can have adverse effects on the environment. However, nuclear energy is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of generating electricity. It is regarded as the most effective way of producing electricity in large scale (Bull 1218). This essay will argue that nuclear energy is the most appropriate way of producing large scale electricity with minimal effects to the environment. The first argument presented is, nuclear energy can produce large scale electricity without depleting environmental resources available. Nuclear energy is extracted from atomic nuclei through nuclear fission (Serrano & Rus 2374).

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Moreover, compared to fossil fuels, nuclear energy does not utilize natural resources entirely in order to produce electricity. The elements used in nuclear power production are renewable due to their radioactive nature; a factor which qualifies it to be classified as a renewable energy. It is evident that developed countries use nuclear energy to produce electricity for both domestic and industrial use.

France reprocesses nuclear waste and recovers up t0 95% of the remaining plutonium and uranium which is used as fuel in nuclear plants (Bull 1220). Although water is used to cool nuclear plants, we can conclude that nuclear energy is the most cost effective method of producing electricity. In addition, it is an environmental friendly and the best alternative for fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is not dependent on natural resources to produce energy, thus these resources are not overused (Bull 1221). We can conclude that nuclear energy is environmental friendly. The second argument is that nuclear energy does not pollute the environment.

Furthermore, it is regarded as a sustainable source of energy because carbon emissions are minimal; it increases security in energy sector and reduces dependence on foreign oil. It does not emit green house gases like carbon dioxide which cause global warming and climate change (Serrano & Rus 2375). Fossil fuels, natural gas and coal produce green houses which in turn result to climatic changes and global warming.

Nuclear energy is regarded as the best option to reduce these adverse effects making it environmental friendly. Although nuclear energy accumulates waste which is an environmental concern; the waste is in small amounts and can be re-used to produce power. Due to increasing concern over global warming, countries are encouraged to utilize nuclear power to reduce environmental pollution. According to a broadcast in 2007, nuclear energy gives France the cleanest air considering it is an industrialized country. It also provides the whole of Europe with cheap electricity (Serrano & Rus 2376).

In addition, nuclear energy is cost effective because it is affordable and relatively less expensive. Although building of the nuclear plants can be relatively expensive, the maintenance cost of running the plant is low. Considering that fuel (Uranium) is cheap and water is free and readily available, then the cost of running the plant is in expensive. Moreover, a nuclear plant is able to produce large scale electricity thus making nuclear energy cost effective. It consumes less and produces more.

The plants are energy- efficient and little maintenance is required to run them (Bull 1224). As a result, the cost of labour is reduced hence making nuclear energy cost effective. The fact that nuclear energy produces less greenhouse gases lowers the environmental cost.

Nuclear plants can utilizes a small surface area thus making it affordable and less expensive to run. When we combine these factors, we realize that nuclear energy is the most cost effective way of producing electricity (Bull 1226). In conclusion, the main argument is that, nuclear energy is the most cost effective and environmental friendly method of producing electricity. In my opinion, it is cost effective because it’s less expensive to run, efficient and the cost of labour is reduced.

Moreover, the materials used in nuclear plants are cheap and readily available (Serrano & Rus 2379). I believe, nuclear power is environmental friendly because it does not depend entirely on natural resources to produce energy thus ensuring environmental conservation. It does not generate greenhouse gases hence has less negative impacts on environment. In my opinion, countries should be encouraged to invest on nuclear energy to produce cheap electricity efficiently. Also use of nuclear energy should be controlled to ensure that it is not used to produce destructive weapons 9 Serrano & Rus 2380).

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