Nowadays, people are afraid to approach a person that aredifference from their culture, religious and beliefs. This is not because theyare having a sense of resentment, but they are not sure on how to go andcommunicate with them especially when they need to talk and sit together. Thismeans that sometimes they are in fear situation that might put them into therisk and the efforts might be worthless. It is crucial for us to apply theconcept of One Malaysia that encourages the Malaysian to be acceptance to theother differences in terms of living in peace and harmony.

Generally, acceptance is about we are ready to accept things that indicatesour mind to embrace something positively. It is more to be open-minded when weneed to look into a thing to be more positive than being tolerance. As example,when we want to help the poor and those who are in needs, we must help themfrom all the communities without choosing any parties. In other words, we needto be a considerate person whenever we are facing the problems of the peoplethat in needs across all racial, religious and ethnic lines. The Malaysianshould practice the concept of acceptance in orders to ensure that Malaysia canbecome as an advanced country.

Furthermore, a story has been covered that can give us a goodexample and inspiration that will encourage us to do it continuously. The storyis about 75 children that comes from the different background and races thatfrom three orphanages that are Sari Saujana Handicapped Children Home, BerkatChildrens Home, and Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Miskin Johor. They had beentreated by the Yayasan Kebajikan Suria. It shows that the intention of thisfoundation is to give the opportunity to the less privileged children andorphans to have dinner at the restaurants and it also show to the children thatthere are still have some people that concern about them.Besides, this is a successful programme since we can unite each ofthe person even we are defining by the different labels and adjectives likeinterest, political party, status, position and others. Consequently, organizinga programme can be an initiative way on how we can go against theethnocentrism.

We are strictly not to invite a person based on specific racesor nationalities, but the participants must be invited from all the races andnationality. This is because we should not allow our ethnocentrism to cross theborders into extremism. Lastly, as a good Malaysian we should be ethnocentric andwork together in progress together as one nation. In a nutshell, every Malaysian should be able to achieve themaximum in terms of his or her self-development.

The opportunities to lend ourhand to those in needs are limitless. The limits will not be set by our ethnic background,but it is a set that are because of our own personal ability and belief inourselves to be good to the people around us. Lastly, this is the best that arerequired for Malaysia. 


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