Nowadays, Islamic Fashion market is speedily
growing niche but there is still relatively unfilled in a global scale. There
are many big clothing brand retailers are trying to reach Muslim religious
fulfillments in presenting their set of clothing or accessories collections.
For example, a clothing brand which is UNIQLO excellently collaborated with the
designer Hana Tajima to create a Muslim-oriented product line, but they aren’t
the only ones.

According to the data compiler Statista, it
shows the Japanese overall fashion market is going to grow up to US$72.72
billion by 2020 from $63.72bn last year. It is because the Muslim population in
Japan is estimated between 70,000 and 150,000 among the country’s total of more
than 126 million people.

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Islamic fashion market is keep rising
attention and emphasizing by Japan. It is because they can attract more Muslim
to go to their country, Japan. They set up their first Muslim fashion show in
November, 2016. With a mission to make the country “Muslim-friendly”, the Tokyo
Modest Fashion Show organized by Halal Media Japan which conducted in 2014 ran
concurrently with the Halal Expo Japan. These activities all proved that a
growing number of non-Muslim Japanese have recently shown interest in Islamic

In addition, Japanese government
wants to target and to be advanced comprehensively in the halal sector to drive
the country among the top five halal exporters globally by 2020. It is because
there is an event conducted by Japan in 2020 which is Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Japanese government also put a lot of efforts such as Japanese Government’s
Visit Japan Campaign, the interest in Japan brought on by, and the enabling of
visa regulations for those countries with a large Muslim population, such as
Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. This will makes the amount of Muslim tourists
from these country and customers keep increasing in the Japan. When the Muslim
tourists and visitors is increasing, the market in clothing fashion also will
have a big attribute to the positive economic in Japan. 


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