Executive summary

North Korea is a sovereign country which should be respected by all nations in the world. North Korea’s good relationship with the United States has long been withstanding until the early1990s when the country expanded its nuclear program and the U.

S considered bombing the facilities jeopardizing any good relationship that existed between them. The relationship between the two countries seemed to have found a common ground when Jimmy Carter negotiated peace between the two sides resulting to an Agreed Framework that required North Korea to trade off its nuclear program in exchange of fuel shipments from the U.S. The agreed framework did not bring the peace that was intended for but instead averted war and since then, the U.S has continued to criticize the country’s sale of advanced nuclear technology to other countries remains a subject for discussions. It was later discovered that North Korea was harboring an underground nuclear facility contrary to the Agreed Framework Agreement. Both the United States and North Korea are to be blamed for the torn relationships between, and if they both play the supremacy cards, the relationship between the two powers will be antagonistic.

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Research reveals that the U.S never delivered the promised heavy fuel oil in exchange for freezing the nuclear power house and also failed to lift its economic sanctions. There are two United states government policies that supports the relationship between the two countries. One is the Clinton administration and CIA and pentagon policies. The Clinton policies limited the U.S engagement in North Korea affairs and sought to analyze the relationship between the two countries while the CIA opposed the arrangements. Since the U.S policies towards North Korea proved impractical, the policy makers in the U.

S should address a wide range of bilateral agreements that will strengthen North Korea’s siege mentality.

Context and Importance of the problem

By understanding the extend to which North Korean leaders regard changes in relation to relationship with the outside world will help us understand why restoring peace between the country and the United States proves challenging. North Korea over the past decades has endured dilemma on how it interacts with the outside world in relation to resistance to principles of monitoring, conditionality to be paid in terms of relationship with international cooperation, transparency and reciprocity. Its therefore important to note that North Korea’s interaction and conformity to internal rules may prove challenging in resolving the fundamental dilemmas posed by the Western countries, precisely the U.S due to the inherent danger that it may carry for survival of its ruling class. The paper will therefore review challenges North Korea faces in managing its nuclear weapons, transparency issues, economic reforms and the looming food crisis. All these issues are considered as threats to the survival of North Korea’s leadership and its relationship with international communities.

Rather than placing all the blame to the North Korea leadership, it’s important to look at what the U.S can do to restore the relations and the country’s sovereignty that permits the launch of satellite and nuclear proliferation. North Korea over the years has retained several patterns of interactions with international communities as derived fro its philosophical approach that considers it history rather dwelling on the periphery. DPRK themes seem impractical even though they have never been practices since their implementations. Theme seeks its own interest without considering the international consideration which they consider to reinforce legacy of the country’s regime. The U.S should therefore consider adapting to the North Korean rules without having to impose their own measures that would jeopardize the country’s sovereignty. A comprehensive agreement package that seeks to honor both countries commitment to end the stale relationships that have existed between them should be implemented.

First, the U.S administration should first try and normalize the relationship between the two countries in terms of economic and security relations. Secondly, humanitarian aid should be send to North Korea to end the agricultural problems that have existed in the country for decades.

Thirdly, the United States should consider lifting economic sanctions promised in the Agreement Framework and emphasize on restricting the country’s missile tests while at the same time permitting satellite technology development. North Korea has already offered a negotiable ground by agreeing to stop nuclear weapon exports in exchange for cash and the U.S should therefore try to meet them halfway by working with other countries to reduce militants and restore confidence and peace among the surrounding regions (Jonathan 54). The relationship had deteriorated due to claimed abduction of their citizens. Seoul was also one of the nations with whom our relationship was bad, due to the government of Lee Myung-bank.

Economic ties with these various nations had deteriorated and the talks could not have succeeded because, they wanted us to fail our endeavors to use our resources effectively. Many may think we are arming to fight them and with the nuclear weapons, we threaten other countries to our advantage. The launch of the April 2009 missile has led to a lot of criticism by various parties including the United Nations. This interference of our state is a bad blood between Korea and America. We, as a republic are just asking for consideration that we think is necessary and our right to our sovereignty.

The Bush administration was not willing to negotiate with us on how to go about this process. The only had these constant threats to us and even were willing to launch an attack on us and that was unacceptable. They attacked Iraq and therefore we should, if they think we are a country that cannot implement its wishes, then they are very wrong.

The international Atomic Energy Agency search of nuclear in man countries is also not necessary in our country. The non-proliferation treaty is also a treaty made in favor of some countries and, should be checked and corrected to suit everybody in the entire world (Jonathan 160). The North Korean policy of the nuclear weapons has a lot of implications in our own mode of set up.

As we know, North Korea must rely on the international support for development and for its people to survive properly. America is a superpower and it’s very influential in all aspects of the world’s policies therefore; we have to consider our policies towards America. President Obama is a diplomat and will always listen to us and bilateral talks with him will uphold that sense of dignity in us. Frankly, North Korea has a bad economy and society. As you are well aware of it, many citizens here depend on marketalization from below; barter trade, private economic exchange and some related activities unhandled by the state. Even with emphasis of industrial development and other economic activities, U.S remains an economically strong country and by 2012 North Korea will still be undeveloped. Our nuclear proliferations are also keeping our neighbors in fear and thus, regional trade remains an issue.

China is an emerging superpower, and North Korea as a neighboring country should consider involvement of more trade activities as its history requires it to be. Barrack Obama is also considering a number of options in including Asia in trade activities. Recently, he visited Asia on APEC meeting and they discussed a lot of trade and issue of global climate changes. These are some of the things that North Korea needs by now and without the support of the American, we will remain backwards forever.

Change of polices towards international relationships is something that is inevitable if we want to develop. This policy of nuclear weapons in our midst could also lead to an attack upon our territory by more than one nation. The leniency with Obama should be an advantage to us. Money, food and other development items should be acquired from other nations so as to stabilize our country before we get to process the weapons

Critique of the policy

North Korea as a county has various options to undertake and live peacefully with other nations. Some of these issues include honoring of the NPT and adhering to the policies of the United Nations Security Council. This will ensure that affairs of North Korea are not interfered with. Development of other areas of the country will occur.

This will lead to proper international relationships and trade within the Asian regions will be improved, positive implications on a country’s development (Victor 124). Another option is the all inclusive dialogue between the involved parties or bilateral talks with the United States. This will ensure that trust among the nations is back to us and many will be willing to work with North Korea. In these talks, you as the president should raise the issue you have with the United States and give justifiable reasons for your actions. Mostly, regarding the weapons you should ask for rewritten agreement as it was done with India.

Then, ask America to honor your ambitions an show just enough to them that you abide by the rules of non-aggression even if you get the weapons. Since you need United States for the development purposes, respect them and use President Obama to have your ambitions achieved. President Obama does not want to be involved in any war and therefore, his leniency can offer you an advantage as you can talk to him. These will ensure there are no sanctions on your country and, other systems of the government will be running accordingly.

These are some of the options that are needed so that you do not fail in your ambitions and other sectors of the government. Let your country emerge as powerful nation with the help America because, if you make America your enemy you will not succeed. The proposal system of not respecting the treaties and arrogance towards the United Nations will cost us a lot. America is going to recommend various economic sanctions, and this will have major impact in our economy. Other nations will be urged not to relate with us, especially from our region since most of our neighbors are friends of the United States. Trade in our region will be a failure and our people will live in poverty. Furthermore, capitalism is the essence in the world and those countries that have embraced it have developed, and we need to have money to have this country develop.

Most of our international polices will become a failure to us if we do not take care. North Korea has always been an antagonistic of the United States since the era of Clinton after the cold war. These have always worked against us because, in terms of development America has grown, but we have continued to suffer economically. The current proposal is certainly failing because, we have never moved ahead into making these weapons since we decided to go ahead with our mission. It is true that we have had several missile tests but, we are very far from accomplishing our dream.

Every time we are doing it, there is interference from other countries led by America. We must change for the better, and make the relationship with other countries especially the United States better for us to develop Mazarr 78). Obama administration has implemented new policy that pledged to work with North Korea in achieving denuclearization of clear weapons in the country through the Six-Party Process. This policy will give countries right to harbor peaceful nuclear energy and those who continue to oppose international obligations will not be receive any economic or political favor with the country in future. Obama is willing to listen to us, give him a chance and we can strive a deal and our relationships will improve and retrieve benefits at the end. The way this country handles the situation now, should a least give a chance to President Obama.

He is not the same as President Bush who could not think of anything but war. The president of United States is lenient on international polices and I hope you as the president of this nation will consider that chance. The policies of North Korea may seem biased but, as your advisor I support you fully. Nuclear proliferation is something the country cannot run away from.

In some years to come, many countries with be advancing and arming will be done in order to cope with threats like terrorism. As the president of this nation, you should consider various issues like the agreement between India and the United States on the proliferation treaty. These are some of the misunderstandings North Korea has with the United States. As your political advisor, I have shed some light on these issues and their pros and cons.

The policies you uphold against the United States are good but, they will make the country poorer. With these chances, you should first improve the livelihoods of the people of North Korea but, do not erode the aim if nuclear weapon proliferation. Since development of your country will highly depend on other countries good relationships, United States will help you achieve that. President Obama can agree on a deal that will not require full denuclearization but, simply the reduction of nuclear arming. These will help you grow as a nation economically and also be armed. China as an emerging superpower should also be considered in the country’s change of policies. If, as the President you find it difficult to work with the United States be a closer friend to China and she will help in mending the relationship with the United States.

Policy recommendations

According to the issues at hand, various practical steps should be taken to save this deteriorating relationship with the United States. North Korea should make move towards a round table talk with China regarding the nuclear proliferation and convince them of the threat they pose to America as an emerging super power. This will obviously encourage China to facilitate a dialogue with the United States, and also be in full support of your country’s ambitions. North Korea should also resume the Six-Party talks and allow the other nations to listen to her views on this issue. Since the United States is the most influential state in the world, bilateral talks should be encouraged to foster the two countries personal relationships.

I am always emphasizing on the leniency of President Obama as an advantage to you whereby, the country can reach an agreement on partial denuclearization (Victor 123). Internal policies in North Korea have not argued well with the issue affecting the nation. Economically, the country is not doing that well and since we are enemies with many nations we will not develop. Poor infrastructure, failed agriculture and lack of proper trade should be our priorities for now. These are the only things that will ensure growth of our nation and also the ambition of proper utilization of resources like uranium will come into force. United States sees North Korea as a failed State that is why it is interfering in our aim of having these weapons. This economic status should leas us into weighing our options against the United States.

Whether as country decide to ignore this relationship, suffering will still continue in our nation. Another step taken by North Korea is that of non-proliferation issue although talks are underway to renegotiate the arrangements. The renegotiated treat should also consider Pakistan and India as they are also suspected to be harboring these dangerous weapons. If these issues are not dealt in efficiently, these countries could the same as Islamabad.

Weapon proliferation has made neighboring countries to be hostile to the two countries due to the testing of missile whenever the country feels appropriate. If they continue weapon testing, controversies will be steamed all over the world. Research reveals neighboring countries in North Korea are also concerned with the country’s weapons which may subsequently lead to humanitarian crisis among nations. If the U.S decides to attack us, there are many routes to penetrate our country because countries like South Korea will assist them. Many of the North Korea citizens will die and suffer because most of our neighbors may close the borders.

America may also succeed in ousting you as the president, as they did with Sadam Hussein and Osama therefore, I think these policies of the United States should be urgently considered. This will also be for the sake of the country and its people (Jonathan 157). United States has closed any relations especially the normal trade relations, and the manufactured goods from our country while entering the United States markets. These have impacted negatively in our markets and have led to low income. United States is a country that will always be important to us economically, and with our policies of ignorance towards them to we are not going to succeeded. North Korea should also try to honor the Agreed Framework between them and the United States as the country promises to lift sanctions implanted on them. Companies and banks are all willing to invest in North Korea if sanctions are lifted, and this can only be achieved by improving this relationship. I know many factors that have led to the power relationship but things like Korea war should be forgotten.

Kim Dae Jung’s sunshine policy is important in issue in the normalization of relations between US and North Korea. Japan also, is willing to fund North Korea and usher in a new era of regional cooperation. These are issues that North Korea should consider before deciding to deteriorate its relationship with United States. With the considerable actions, an impact will surely be observed in North Korea.

I am not suggesting that North Korea should submissive to America but, with good relation agreements in place, nuclear powers will never be used by the country since it means the economic sanction and the money for its economic development. Since the United States and North Korea are constantly fighting on super power supremacy, both countries should consider how such implications would have on humanitarian conditions such as food, life and the economic welfare more that is powers would. The United States should try and relaxed their policy rules and try to commit to them to achieve their goals in restoring peace between the two countries and the neighboring countries.


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