North Korea Women’s Rights PaperOn a panel November 8th North Korea stated that it was working towards fixing issues with Women’s rights and gender equality. They say that sanctions imposed on them by the United Nations are a big reason the women and children of north korea are suffering. North Koreans were asked on November 8, what measures have been taken to fix UN Commissions of Inquiry 2014  that revealed women were forcibly returned from China abused and tortured. Women really don’t have rights in North Korea. In the Choson Dynasty, it is expected for women to give birth and serve for males to assure contribution in the family line.

There are extremely few exceptions to the limitations imposed on women’s roles. An exception would be a Female shaman. They are called upon to cure different illnesses by driving the evil spirits away, pray for the rain during droughts, and perform divination and fortune tellingMajority of women in North Korea have little access and opportunities to jobs or an education. The Workers Policy of Korea states that the only job a woman should have is working around the house. Men are the ones who are supposed to go out and work, even if they are not getting paid. In North Korea women are exposed to a life of violence and sexual assault across the country. Women are taught to not question anything that the man does outside of the house, and if the husband is violent the woman must learn to deal with it on her own. The country poorly represents women in North Korea in the judicial system and politics.

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The acts of rape and consistent malnutrition they go through in the country is barely even brought up or has efforts made to resolve it by the North Korean government and Kim Jong Un. The UN human rights panel determined this after a review of North Korea’s standing and record on women’s rights. Women in North Korea’s concern of rape and mistreatment was generally exposed and by the UN as a national crisis.

The punishment for crimes like abuse, rape or sexual assault rarely get the punishment deserving and often go without punishment.In North Korea women their issues with women rights has lead hundreds of women to flee the country and migrate to nearby countries like China and South Korea. In North Korea women are given little opportunities for higher education like a college education because of North Korea’s lack of human rights. “In North Korea, 28% of pregnant or lactating women suffer from malnutrition and in recent years before that number has been even higher”(Nebehay). North Korea’s government claims the recent struggles with the economy and sanctions forced on them by the United Nations are the reason for their poor rights.

The country also has a cultural issue with women’s rights because the issues of rights for women has been a problem nationally, and many people in North Korea still support the old, uneducated view on women that people have had for decades. When North Korea and China campaigned for women’s rights it was aimed to motivate women to get jobs. This was strongly desired by North Korean women as a step closer to being equal to men, but all In North Korea, there is still a problem when it comes to women’s rights.

North Korea is not completing its duty to protect the rights of women and promote gender equality. The “perpetual” president who is Kim I1-Sung said to help on the issue, as he rises up to power. He pledged to empower and promote equality for women. Though many women believe that every day in North Korea women face severe gender discrimination at work, at home, and sexual harassment and violence that the authorities does nothing to stop. North Koreans who recently have left the country told Human Rights to watch over younger girl.

They believe all the discrimination starts at a young age. They also said women frequently face violence from home by men, in public areas, including the market, and there is no recourse for women. A total of 26 Koreans spoke with Human Rights Watch about the nature of North Korea’s society.

There aren’t many reliable statistics when it come to North Korea. It is also evident that women are more likely to flee the country rather than men. Women are often victims of human trafficking and forced into marriage in the neighboring country China. “An aid agency estimated that about 70 percent of North Korean refugees arriving in China are women”(Countrystudies). North Korea has not as a country developed a plan or resolution toward the lack of human rights in North Korea.

In North Korea the government finds little problem and refuses to acknowledge the women’s rights in the country. North Korea when asked about the lack of women’s rights of ten deflects the issue or blames it on some other negative event going on in the country. North Korea’s women’s rights are getting better, so the country is making a slight effort to improve women’s rights, but the UN still claims it as a national crisis in the country.Works CitedAsk a North Korean: are women treated equally in your society?’Hard-working heroines’Nebehay;, Stephanie.

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