No one has yet to update his to-do list with happenstances like accident, kidney, ulcer but fact is at some point in life, everybody gets one reason or the other to see a doctor and when you do, health insurance makes it easier for you to get the right treatment you need.While health insurance is a deposit we hope never to spend from,it is also a security against health inevitables. It prepares you for treatment even when you didn’t plan for the accidental expenses. Health is wealth and whatever keeps us alive and going is worth considering and giving a shot. so, yes!, like Simon Cowell would say, ‘its a go for everybody.

 Health insurance protects your health. Many people don’t have access to the medical care they need because of the cost. Managing a light fever, headache or menstrual pain may still manage to fit into your budget for miscellaneous expenses but chronic illnesses cuts deep into life savings instead and in some cases engulfing the whole savings and more.

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Health plan is not something with budget-able system like food, clothing, social spending, it is an accidental occurrence that comes, demanding instant attendance and you can never be prepared enough for it. Health care insurance helps you stay prepared and gives you access to a broad of health care providers and specialists and under certain plans, allows you free check ups, screening, immunization and other preventive health services. It gives you access to preventive and primary care. Insured people have a wide range of benefits to live on. They have access to preventive cares unlike the uninsured and on this note you might want to think on the ‘prevention is better than cure’ quote. Health insurance offers immunization, annual checkups and chronic disease management for big cases like asthma, ulcer, diabetes, tuberculosis and so forth.

Deadly diseases like cancer, brain tumor and the likes which have high chances of cure if discovered on early stages are kinder when dealing with insured people because they are likely to discover it on time in one of the annual check ups and start their chemotherapy and other related treatments but, uninsured people who seldomly run the check ups are mostly heavily affected because they only start to go for check up when they get sick and in the case of the strong diseases, might have entered its last phase, making the fate inevitable. Health insurance helps you stay on regular notification and on tab about your health. Health insurance gives you access to expensive drugs. Most people will get alternative drugs for the expensive ones in their prescriptions. They didn’t turn pharmacists and doctors overnight, they are simply cutting their budgets but with health insurance, you don’t have to compromise your treatment because your insurance got you covered. You run an organized financial plan and your finances are stable. Dangerous miscellaneous pop ups from our health department is awesomely reduced. You make your budget for the month and it stays that way.

Nothing comes with a wave of a wishful -wand,it ended with Cinderella. Health insurance is expensive though but it’s planned at least and you already cut out its part from your budget. You don’t have to go applying for crowd-funding or seeking for loan because some diagnosis gave some unpleasant news. You are cut the stress of worrying about getting well and paying for hospital bills at the same time. You have faster access to treatments.

The social SI unit of quality, attendance (being attended to) , attention, recognition is MONEY. Uninsured people with low income are less likely to get quick attendance when they have emergency need for the emergency room. The time-spent going from one public hospital to the other in search of a favorable environment that will give instant attention might have fatal consequences. Health insurance gets you that access quick and save you time,money and energy. Health insurance covers you for in-hospital consultant services as a private patient. Under a good plan, you are given a personal client treatment in hospitals.

You get quality health screening and treatments.It keeps you focused on getting better and recovery when sick. In some cases like high blood pressure, people die on reasons other than the illness itself.

With everything happening around the world, inflation, high cost of feeding and taking care of domestic expenses, people living below the average status find it difficult to consider possible chances unnotified sickness and save for that possibility. When a case of a high blood pressure patient falls in that category, guess what kills him first and fast…. High BP or too much thinking on how to foot the bills when he is out. Being insured encourages you to adjust your settings and make ‘getting better’ a top list when you are sick, its a reminder that you are covered and all you have to do while you are being treated is sleep, relax and get better.

 Health insurance, like every other form of insurance is a hard choice to make considering the money involved but Boy do you need it? Aye aye sir! There is a reason we roof our building even if its summer, some day winter will come, the sunny days will be over and we will be glad we did the roofing on the sunny period.


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