No smoking no problem. Smoking is bad thing and a nasty habit. To begin, smoking can cause death. First smoking can give you a heart attack.

Smoking damages the lining of you arties which leads to a fatty material that can cause a blood clot. Second smoking can cause brain damage. Nicotine causes blood vessels to tighten and which causes blood vessel blockage. Lastly smoking can also cause lung cancer.

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When you breath in the smoke it changes your lung tissue.You will be able to heal your lungs the first time, but after you keep constantly smoking your body will not be able to catch up to heal your body and the damage in your lungs will just keep increasing. Second of all smoking makes you look older. First it makes your skin gray and dull.Leaving you with wrinkly skin and a gray appearance. Second smoking stains your teeth.The nicotine and the tar in the tobacco makes your teeth yellow and smokers complain that their teeth turned brown. Finally smoking makes your skin dry.

Smoking takes out the moisture out of your skin making it dry. “According to Smokefree smoking reduces the amount of oxygen that gets to your skin and makes your skin age faster.” Finally smoking can cause health problems. First smoking can cause all types of cancer.

It can cause lung cancer.esophagus cancer,larynx cancer,mouth cancer,kidney cancer,bladder cancer,liver cancer,stomach cancer,ceroix cancer,colon cancer,rectum cancer,plus many more.Second smoking can cause weak/brittle bones.Smoking can make you have a loss of bone mass leaving you with weak/brittle bones.Third smoking can cause a 50% more chance of having a stroke.Smoking can cause you to have more clots making a bigger chance of a stroke.Some smokers may say that smoking isn’t addicting.Smoking has an addictive substance called nicotine.The only thing that makes you want to keep smoking is the nicotine.Some smokers think that it isn’t addictive because they don’t know what is in it.Also I think some smokers don’t think it is dangerous because if they did know they would have already stopped.Smoking can cause cancer,brain problems,heart problems,and all type of other disability.Smoking can cause death,make you look older,and you could have health problems.Something to think about is to quit or stop so you can let your body heal.If you let your body heal just think about all the fun things you could do without worrying about stopping to smoke or thinking something will happen.Smoking is a bad thing.


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