Nicholas Whitten1/17/2000ID:41462363Admissions Review  EssayWhile in the womb I was exposed to a drug called methadone. After birth I went through withdrawal and was classified as having Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or NAS.

Due to having NAS I was put on morphine, a drug commonly used when recovering from withdrawal. The effect of Methadone on children may cause a short attention span, fine motor coordination, self control of behavior and a lack of memory. When I began to attend kindergarten I started to develop behavioral problems and depression. Because of this, I was constantly in and out of schools. Moreover, from kindergarten to middle school I was placed in alternative classes.

These classes focused mainly on my behavior first, and treated by academics as less important. In the long run, these classes made school very difficult for me. Luckily for me, middle school happened to be the major turning point in my life, I transitioned from an alternative school to a public school. Currently I am doing very well in high school, freshman year till now I improved tremendously going from C,s Ds and Fs to mostly As and Bs. My goal this year as I approach graduation is to complete all of my courses and to be on honor roll for both semesters. In order for me to accomplish this I plan to stay after school and get one on one help from teachers and tutors for classes I struggle in. My overall goal for college is no different than any other senior, however, I also have several personal goals I plan to achieve while attending Central Washington.

Some of these goals are to build my faith as a Christian and improve on some life skills, like organization, time management and to stop procrastinating. As of right now I’m unaware of the field I plan to study but I believe Central Washington will guide me to the perfect career. Prepare me for a responsible, productive life with a dynamic and creative environment.


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