New York and Hong Kong are among the biggest cities in the world. These two cities possess very different aspects. A quick glance at the streets of New York will leave one shocked. The streets and path ways are full of garbage that lies unattended. This shows that the local authorities in New York don’t pay attention to cleanliness.

To make it worse you will still find people peeing on the side walks. They do it with so much confidence because they don’t seem to be bothered by passers by. However the people of New York are quite outspoken therefore one should expect frequent compliments and vice versa. I mean if they really like something about you they will let you know. New York City is not crowded compared to Hong Kong where one can’t see beyond a hundred yards. But then the crowds of New York are rather noisy because it’s in this city where you will find people who are drunk before sun set. The side walks of Hong Kong are free from litter and thus one would be ashamed if he/she tries to litter around. The people of Hong Kong don’t talk much hence they are rather shy so do not expect someone to look you in the eye and tell you to zip up.

They simply don’t poke their noses into other people’s affairs unless you bother them. Mind you Hong Kong have the strictest laws in the world, so if one finds himself on the wrong side of the law he/she should be ready to face the music. The population of New York comprises of people who relocated from different parts of the world hence they brought their cultures with them. In this city you will come across Muslims, Jews, Latin Americans and every kind you can think of because the constitution here gives people freedom to exercise their cultures. In fact the different cultures can never be in conflict because the people here accept their differences. Same-sex marriages in New York are allowed so don’t be surprised when you see two men or women kissing in public places. That can not happen in Hong Kong.

The Asians are the majority apart from the few immigrants who have gone there to do business. If you are a business person, Hong Kong is the best place for you because their commodities are relatively cheap. If one was to buy the same commodities in New York they would cost double. That’s why most traders are going for Chinese merchandise because they are cheap. However their commodities are not durable so in other words they are expensive.

For instance if you bought Chinese bulbs they are cheap but they can’t last longer like the ones from Europe and England which are specifically found in New York. But there are people who argue that one can find durable commodities in Hong Kong but that depends on whether you are ready to cough more money. The most common kinds of food in Hong Kong are wheat and rice. The foods in Hong Kong include meals that were adopted from other nations that interacted with Hong Kong during the colonial period and later on in trade. The food joints in Hong Kong serve foods in small portions and therefore one has to eat several meals in a day. May be that’s why most people in this city are thin compared to the people of New York who tend to be overweight because the restaurants in New York such as MacDonald’s serve food in large portions. In Hong Kong the meals are usually complimented with duck meat and as well as fish.

The meals are heavily spiced. If you order for spaghetti in Hong Kong the waiter will place two chopsticks on the side of your plate because most people in this city use chopsticks instead of forks. If you have never used chopsticks before you should ask the waiter to give you some tips or just ask him/her to bring you a fork. There are some foods that are common both in Hong Kong and New York, such as MacDonald’s burger. In New York the waiter can rarely serve you without issuing you napkins but contrary to that in Hong Kong napkins are no where to be seen they assume napkins are meant for babies. It’s therefore recommended that one should come with his own napkin or tissue when dining in Hong Kong. Their cutlery is not complicated like that of New York because if they are not using chopsticks they opt to use their hands.

In New York one has to get used to using the napkin. The cutlery is also complex because a waiter may bring you an omelet and place a fork, a knife and a spoon on the side of your plate. The Hong Kong tea is usually without milk and is served in small cups hence if you are used to drinking a whole mug of tea you will have to drink several cups to quench your thirst. In New York the milk is plenty but still if one wants to have black tea it’s available. The side walk stalls in Hong Kong are convenient for people who want to have a simple meal. In New York people don’t like buying food from street shops because the cleanliness of their dishes has not been verified, since their adjacent areas are dirty. Since Hong Kong is overcrowded, it would be wise to travel in public means because if you chose to use your own vehicle you may be late for your destination and in the final end you may not secure a parking space. Additionally, there are not enough gasoline stations in Hong Kong hence if you run out of fuel you will have to cover longer distances before you find a gasoline station.

Public transport in Hong Kong comprises of electric trains and escalators which move very first but one can still walk if his/her destination is not far. Although cycling is common in other parts of china it’s not present in Hong Kong because the landscape is hilly hence cycling would be very tiring. The ancient form of transport in New York was water but it has been reengineered to integrate both road and rail transport. There are tunnels that run below the rivers and lakes that are used as paths by vehicles and electric trains. The idea of tunnels was introduced because New York is also hilly like Hong Kong hence it has several water bodies that occupy the greatest percentage of ground. Public transport in New York includes commuter trains that operate day and night. There are so many people who own vehicles in New York and yet very few of them drive to work.

This is because public means is considered cheap and faster. Motorists are usually held in traffic during peak hours because the electric trains are given the first priority. Shopping in Hong Kong is fan because the shopping stores are strategically located at the convenience of commuters. I prefer to buy at least a simple garment from every time I visit a city for the first time because the garment will be a reminder of the fun I had in that city.

For instance, if you want to purchase low cost clothes you should pay a visit to Argyle center. There are some stores in Hong Kong that are designated for ladies wear so if you are a lady who is conscious about fashion you should consider shopping at lady’s street market. In this market you will find ladies items like beauty products, female foot wear and clothing.

There have been allegations that claim that the merchandise in Hong Kong is mostly comprised of imitated brands therefore some people argue that they are not durable. This also applies to electronic products; so next time you shop in Hong Kong make sure the item you are about to purchase has a valid guarantee. In New York the department stores offer their sales in fixed price tags hence if you are not well loaded pocket wise don’t shop in New York. For those who don’t care about commodity price there are so many items that can be bought from New York and they include designer cosmetics and clothing labels.

For those who are obsessed about jewelry New York is the place to be. Most people show of their expensive jewelry because that’s the culture of hip hop artists. The people of New York are known for integrating jewelry into almost everything such as in automobiles where the rims are made from gold. It is common to find people who possess diamond teeth in New York.

In Hong Kong nobody dares to put on expensive jewelry for fear of apprehension. Crime in New York has been on the decline due to the installation of surveillance cameras on most streets hence the New York police department is able to observe the events taking place in the streets. The only kind of crime that is persistent is homicide hence unless you ruffle other people’s feathers you don’t have to be afraid of walking alone at night. The by-laws of New York were amended such that one can not own several guns at the same time. Crime rate in Hong Kong is also very low and it’s only done in discreet by organized gangs that extort money from small businesses and other enterprises at night. Prostitution is also common at night. These gangs are also involved in ferrying drugs but then they carry out their tasks without attracting attention.


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