New Jersey v. T.L.O. 1985 One day, in a New Jersey high school, a teacher found two girls smoking in the bathroom. She took them to the principal’s office.

Out of the two girls who she had caught, one girl admitted to smoking. The other girl denied smoking. This person’s initials were T.

L.O.. T.L.

O.’s real name was never disclosed to the public because she was a 16 year old minor at the time. The principal demanded to see T.L.O.’s purse to see if she was telling the truth about not smoking. Inside the purse, he found cigarettes, a small amount of marijuana, and a list containing the names of students who owed T.L.

O. money. To the principal, this was evidence that she was smoking and participating in drug dealing.

He accused T.L.O. of drug dealing an T.L.O.

was taken to the police station where she admitted that she was selling marijuana. Based on her confession and the evidence in her purse, the state of New Jersey brought charges against her.In a juvenile court, T.L.

O. argued that her Fourth Amendment rights of the had been violated. This was because there was an unreasonable search and seizure of her purse. The evidence that was being used against her was not obtained legally. She also said that holding cigarettes at her school were not against school rules. The court sided with the school. T.

L.O. appealed the juvenile court’s decision and took her case to the New Jersey Supreme Court.

The New Jersey Supreme Court found that the search was unreasonable and that the evidence could not be used against T.L.O. because it was not obtained legally.

The state of New Jersey appealed the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision and the case was sent to the United States Supreme Court.In 1985, Supreme Court voted 6-3 in favor of New Jersey. They said that New Jersey and the school had a reasonable reason for conducting searches like this at the school. The Supreme Court said that school administrators don’t need to have a search warrant or probable cause before conducting a search because students have a reduced expectation of privacy when in school. This is because schools need to create and maintain a learning environment.

In order to do this, they can perform searches when they feel it is necessary.The case New Jersey v. T.L.O.

had a very big impact on today’s school systems. It showed that when students are on school grounds, their rights are taken away. This is because the school’s rights have a greater value that student’s rights. This means that schools can perform random searches on school grounds in order to create and maintain a learning environment. This is why at schools today, there are random locker checks frequently without students knowing.

In conclusion, the case New Jersey v. T.L.O. had a very big impact on our school systems today.


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