New York – The next Colonel Randers is playing a role in “the country’s music flame” role. Singer Riba Macintire is choosen for the role of founder of KFC and she will be the first female celebrity to pay this role. Next week, McEntire deals with Colon’s famous white suit and black tie, but with a twist.He told an Associate Press in an interview that the McCrerier organization has back and forth a bright glow, which has the opportunity to “get a part of the country’s music sector”. McEntire had a rehearsal on stage, wearing a white wig and white face hair, as Colonel.McEntire, which will appear in the end of April, “I thought it was really fun.

” “I pulled out a lot of it.”The famous names of cast names have cast colleges from 2015, but Macquire is one of the most famous women, and the first composer. He can be the first woman in the CCC of almost 90 years history to describe Colonel. The company said “Remember the” best historical mind “in KFC, a lady who was moving forward the role.

McEntire was contacted about this in December. “I said ‘Smoking!’,” Told McEntire AP. “KFC was always my part of life.”McEntire was picked because of her southern roots, and which will help to promote the new Smoky Mountain BBQ, combination of pepper chicken with the taste of barbeque.

McKireer said that he has eaten KFC in his life tomorrow, because his days have increased.They sing in the language, in a glimpse of the language: “I’m Colonel Randend, As Always,” Mintin says that she feels she is not definitely a woman.” The mechanier also appears as a member of a audience, as well.Colossia Hornland Senders, who died 36 years ago, first started selling a fried chicken restaurant in 1930.

Now Safety Louis Welllo owns Kentucky based Em Branded Inc., around 20 in 2015, Colonel resumed for his ads. Year absence, Rob Loe, Ree Rita, Norman McDonald, Dory Hammond and Jim Gefen.KFC’s new Chief Marking Officer is monitoring this ad, who is trying to continue the brand’s turnaound.

Zunoncekki said “I think this is Colonel is best in most recent ones.”


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