National Instruments Dresden GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the
National Instruments Inc., USA.  Founded
in 2003 as a spin-off from the Vodafone Chair of the TU Dresden, since 2012 it
has been a part of National Instruments. As a company in the wireless
communication business, NI Dresden focusses on the evolving capabilities of NI
LabVIEW system design software and modular PXI hardware for 5G research and
wireless test applications.


Quick Facts about NI

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§  Founded: 1976

§  2016 Revenue: $1.23B

§  Global Operations: Offices in nearly 50

§  Employee Count: Approximately 7,400 employees

§  Customer Base: 35,000+ companies served

§  Diversity: No industry comprises more than 15%
of revenue


NI is at the forefront
of mobile testing and measurements. In Dresden,
the work is doneon the latest mobile technologies, with a special focus on the
system aspect. Any software and hardware that we develop and study is
always considered in terms of the overall system in which this software and
hardware is integrated. R&D departments of
the wireless communication industry as well as universities and research
institutes are customers of NI. NI is at the forefront of innovative solutions
for the future. It is leading the industry in the fields of Internet-of –Things,
5G wireless communication network and providing big data solutions.

The various industries that benefit from NI
products include:



Aerospace and defense




Industrial machinery

Heavy equipment

I worked with two
departments at NI, the local marketing and the R&D department. The goal of
this project was to research on requirements for cellular IoT devices and
integration of these devices with base station simulator platform. The work
environment at NI was very friendly, creative and without any pressure for me.
I would definitely recommend it further.


NI Germany has been honored as one of the
best employers in the Great Place to Work® competition “Germany’s Best Employer 2017 “. National Instruments has been
recognized as one of the 100 Best European Employers in the Great
Place to Work International Contest “Europe’s Best Employers 2016 “. In 2014, for the fourth time in a row, NI was
among the 25 best multinational employers in the world. NI ranked 15th out
of a total of 25 top multinational employers in the World’s Best Multinational
Workplaces list of the Great Place to Work Institute.


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