Name: LÊ TRÍ V?A.B number 1Matt, M. (2015). How does graphic design affectseveryday life? And why is it important?. online Quora. Availableat:http// 23 Jan.

2018.This post explains how graphic design affectseveryday life and why it is important.It presents the reason why people areinfluenced by graphic design which is essential to the branding and marketingof everything that is used up.That includes not only products but alsoservices,information,technology,sport and entertainment,even culture,values andideas.Therefore,graphic design consequences and makes you familiar to theproducts you buy,the services you use,also the place you shop and dine.As mentionedearlier,technology would not have been as fascinating as today if not becauseof graphic design.

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There would be no video games,no theme parks,no CGI oranimated film,no magazines without graphic design.The internet’s present formwould not exist with colors,animation,typographic,etc. without graphicdesign.The post is reasonably easy to read as well as to find the main ideawith constant interesting reasons and examples about how graphic design affectsour modern world.Overall,this post is useful and well-explained for people tounderstand how we experience graphics without noticing it.Graphic design is allaround us and its benefits are serveral and not nescessarily obvious.Whether itis good or bad is arguable,but you can not deny the important role of it in notonly the past but also at the present and in the future.

             A.B number 2 Wheeler,A. (2003). Designing brand identity.


This chapter of the book provides brand builderwith the most comprehensive resource about the brand and brand identityprocess.It brightens the difference between brand and brand identity as well asinforms you about what it takes to be the best.And this book is the result ofconversations and collaboration among the author’s colleagues who cares aboutintelligence and creativity,also about building the intersection between brandstrategy and design.

Therefore, as the author said no one does it alone,which isdo not ignore the basics in the process of a new project.Forming a sharedvocabulary for the entire branding team.Since all that is needed is your desireand passion.The chapter is fairly easy to read and other chapters are simplydivided into relevant group of information.Moreover,after each introduction orexplaination there are many illustration images which supports to explain everythingin a more specific way.However,there are some interesting quotes were resizedvery small in the corner which makes this chapter lack of inspiration.Inconclusion,the chapter is very useful and well-explained that helps you tounderstand better anout designing brand and brand identity.

               A.B number 3 Wheeler, A. (2003).

Designing brand identity. 4thed.pp 10-11.These two pages show information about whycompanies should invest in brand.Brands now present commonly on balance sheetsin many companies.The intangible value of the brand is often much greater thanthe corporation’s tangible assets.People should acknowledge that we are livingin a branded world where everything is integral to branding.

In order to connectemotionally with customers as competion creates infinite choices.Every companyshould invest in their own brand which expresses and creates lifelongrelationships with their clients.Therefore,the importance and the expenditureof brand should be understood as the highest levels of an organization,not justsales and marketing but in proper finance and personnel as well.As metionedearlier,these are page 10 and 11 of the “Designing brand identity” book.Similarto the other chapters and pages,these two contain instructional informations aswell as details about why companies should invest in brand.

Moreover there arealso knowledge about brand strategy that uses brand identity to create sensorymagnets to attract and retain customers.Overall,the book is beautifully writtenby the author with the help of many of her co-workers.It provides a broadknowledge base about the branding industry and how to be successful.

Furthermore,every page’s explaination is well-illustrated with images,mindmaps and charts which is very useful for readers to understand.              A.B number 4 Lynda.

com. 2017. What is graphic design?.online Available at: http://www.lynda.

com/Graphic-Design-tutorials/What-graphic-design/614734/625796-4.html Accessed 28 Jan. 2018.This video explains the definition of graphicdesign therefore everybody can understand its purpose,what it accomplishes andlearn about it.At it’s core,graphic design is really combining words,shapes,form,andlast but not least is color to convey an idea.

For a long time,people have adoubt as well as curious about the role of graphic design in our life andwhether it can change the world? The answer is yes it can and it doesn’t changeit like working for Green Peace and saving Whales,but it does change in term ofyou do a good job and it makes a company more successful.That is what theauthor’s opinion about graphic design which it’s role is to help other peoplesucceed,make there lives a little bit easier to communicate an idea.The videois very interesting to watch and the way the author explains his ideas is verysimple.Therefore the informations provided in the video is easy to approach andunderstand.

In conclusion, the video is just the beginning of one out of twelvecourses about graphic design on The informations it provided is notonly useful but also imformative and moreover there are still much knowledgeabout graphic design to seek and obtain in this particular course of SeanAdams.


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