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proposal for AIA Conference on architecture 2018 June 21-23 New York City “Blue
print for better cities”



I am
writing to request a funding to attend the AIA, A’18 Conference on architecture
that will be taking place during June 21st-23rd at New York City. The
conference discusses the topic of Blue print for better cities. A’18 conference
is the architecture and design occasion where academics meet to discuss and
exchange ideas that is concerned with planning a superior world and with taking
advantage of the experts who are forming our industry. Also, this conference is
about moving our society and ourselves forward. It investigates how to outline
urban areas, towns and groups that are more intelligent more beneficial more
evenhanded, and maintainable. The absolute most imaginative academics, architects,
and firms will share how they are making their own particular blue print and
making contrasts in urban communities of each size over the world. This
conference will provide access to the latest trends in planning and will make young
professionals engage with leaders in the urbanism field that may open doors and
opportunities of internships, jobs or workshops.

I am
a graduate of architecture from the University of Khartoum. I had spent all of
my life in Sudan until I decided to pursue my Master of Architecture degree at
Miami University. I have a particular interest in sustainability, rural and
urban development in a global context while keeping an eye on human scale
approaches to satisfy design needs. The conference is mainly about how to
improve architecture as a profession and how to make cities better by
implementing architectural strategies from the collective shared experience
from around the world that firms, individual designers and architects have
practiced in their own practices and countries. I hope by attending this
conference to have the chance to enhance my focus in architecture and gain the
link I am looking for at local practices in a global context. This international
conference will highlight the overall concept of cities’ attempts to give their
own blue prints and their shared experiences of how to improve city planning
and aspects of brining the live dimension of cities that we are missing
nowadays because of the focal attention that architecture have focused on the
last few years on forms and shapes of building rather than the human scale
planning for cities. This conference will provide access for young
practitioners with information for first visitors and opportunities for other
networking events.
The A’18 conference will enhance my international accumulative knowledge of
architecture and architectural practices and will remold this knowledge to the
best results that can later on be implemented in my home town with an increased
potential of opportunities in the job market.
I created a list with the potential expenses I am expecting to handle:

Travel costs: Round trip between 20th-24th June = $211 (Frontier airlines)

International Student Residence = $55 per night (55*4=$220)

and transportation: average of 30 dollars per day (30*4=$120)

= $550  

 Thank you for your patience reading my letter and
I would like you to thank you in advance for your support which will be greatly
appreciated. I attached below a sample of presentation letter that I intend to
submit to the conference for review.





The importance of cultural awareness in the build

awareness education is defined as: Cultural awareness is defined as ‘An
understanding of how a person’s culture may inform their values, behaviors,
beliefs and basic assumptions. It recognizes that we are all shaped by our
cultural background, which influences how we interpret with the world around
us, perceive ourselves and relate to other people’. This means A comprehension
of how a man’s way of life may advise their qualities, practices, convictions
and essential suppositions. It perceives that we are altogether formed by our
social foundation, which impacts how we decipher with our general surroundings,
see ourselves and identify with other individuals’.

Cultural awareness is their comprehension of the contrasts amongst themselves
and individuals from different nations or different foundations, particularly
contrasts in demeanors, qualities, practices and ways to deal with life. The
establishment of correspondence to pick up that social mindfulness quality
includes the capacity of remaining once again from ourselves and getting to be
plainly mindful of our social esteems, convictions and observations. For what
reason do we get things done in that way? How would we see the world? For what
reason do we respond in that specific way? What is viewed as a fitting conduct
in one culture is as often as possible unseemly in another. Cultural awareness
ends up plainly focal when we are voyaging, or in-need to associate with
individuals from various cultures. Individuals see, decipher and assess things
in various ways. False impressions emerge when I utilize my implications to
understand your existence. As a Sudanese it is practically programmed to see US
Americans as individuals who dependably work, discuss business over lunch and
drink their espresso running in the road as opposed to appreciating it in a
cantina. What does it mean? Sudanese are apathetic and American hyperactive?
No, it implies that the implying that individuals provide for specific
exercises, such as eating or supper could be diverse as per certain societies.
In Sudan, where connections are profoundly esteemed, lunch, supper or the basic
delays for espresso have a social meaning: individuals get together to talk and
unwind and to become more acquainted with each other better. In the USA, where
time is cash, snacks can be a piece of letting bosses eat where individuals
talk about the results and sign an agreement over espresso. Culture isn’t
cognizant to us. Since we are conceived we have figured out how to see and get
things done at an oblivious level. Our encounters, our qualities and our social
foundation lead us to see and get things done surely and in this way Becoming
mindful of our social elements is a troublesome assignment that even some of
the time we need to advance outside of our social limits with a specific end
goal to understand the effect that our way of life has on our conduct. In
ending up socially mindful, individuals understand that anticipating likenesses
could prompt confusion; when we expect that individuals are like us, we may
acquire the hazard that they are definitely not. On the off chance that we
anticipate similitude’s where there are not, we may act improperly. Without
better information we have a tendency to expect, rather than discovering what a
conduct intends to the individual included, e.g. a straight investigate your
face is viewed as rude in Japan. It is more secure to accept contrasts until
the point that comparability is demonstrated. Culture is exhibit in
architecture from multiple points of view. For instance, design can be
available in the types of components, examples, embellishments and mass mixes.
Design has the duty to subjectivity a mental idea by means of its visual frame
which is a method for demonstrating society. The part of culture has dependably
been more in sorting out social, religious and open spaces. Each working as a
piece of an entire building society has the obligation of subjective a target
thinking by its shape which is a method for assessment of culture. The part of
culture has not been the same in shaping all the structural spaces furthermore,
it has been more in social, religious and open spaces. It is generally
attempted to overlook that each building is a social prove on the grounds that
it might be worked for an uncommon reason. Sign of culture in space
incorporates signs with unique implications and substance. These signs are at
times having one meaning and at times have numerous implications. They can
additionally be evident or non-self-evident. Clear signs (e. g. Vault, minaret and
porch) are noticeable for non-experienced and customary individuals. Space in
its customary significance is a reality with particular indistinguishable
highlights. The consequence of human’s origination of room is affected from
mental, individual, social and social encounters. In this way, an engineering
space in its general idea demonstrates the social and social highlights of a
land. The use of building is additionally critical. In sociology, the term
built environment, or manufactured world, alludes to the human-made
surroundings that give the setting to human movement, going in scale from
structures to parks. It has been characterized as the human-influenced space in
which to individuals live, work, and reproduce on an everyday basis. The built
environment envelops places and spaces made or altered by individuals including
structures, parks, and transportation frameworks. In late years, general
wellbeing research has extended the meaning of built environment to incorporate
sound sustenance get to, group gardens, mental health, and walk-capacity and
bicycle ability. The built environment profoundly affects individuals’ lives
and the term alludes to parts of our surroundings that are worked by people,
which are, recognized from the regular habitat. It incorporates structures, as
well as the human-made spaces between structures, for example, parks, and the
foundation that backings human movement, for example, transportation systems,
utilities systems, surge protections, broadcast communications et cetera. That
culture and custom of a land have an immediate association with engineering.
Design is working as per mental arrangements and the building structure and
arrangement of every area is influenced by its social condition.



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