Name: Carlo Parra                                           Subject:History of World Civilization      Jorie Lucero                                              Professor: Rev.

IanMariano      Myra Bermejo      Renalyn Banono    Bibliography        __________________TheNIV BIBLE, New International Version, Agape Publishing Co.,Ltd. Seoul, Korea),2014.                         SUMMARY “Book of Jude ” The writer of this epistle made himselfknown that he was the brother of James, this would make him the half-brother ofour Lord Jesus Christ (see Mark 6:3) our Lord’s brothers in the flesh. Hewrote that the letter to those who had been called people who loved God theFather and kept Jesus Christ to remain in mercy, peace, and love be abundance.

In verse 3 & 4 we see the eagerness to write about the salvation theyshare and to exhort them to face for the faith that was once for all entrustedto God’s holy people. In verse 4, he describes the sin of godless people.(quotation & citation) These people claimed that God’s grace allowed themto sin, but made no effort to live under Christ’s lordship.              The writer wants the people toremember that even God saves the Israelites from slavery in Egypt; He killedthem when they were unbelievers, as well as the angel who disobeyed Him theywere put to prison and chained forever until the final judgement.

He alsoreminded them of what is the punishment when they involved themselves to sexualimmorality and wickedness like in Sodom and Gomorrah they will also going toexperience the everlasting fire.             Ungodly people are like clouds without rain, autumntrees without fruits, wild waves of the sea, and wandering stars.(reword, synonyms) Theypollute their own bodies, reject authorities, and heap abuse on holy angels.             They neglected the warning(s) of God’sjudgment from the Old Testament and the story of the Michael Archangel rather;they continued doing evil and followed the way of Cain, Balaam and Korah. Judeemphasize(s or d) on the “Spiritual Emptiness” of their lives and reminds themthat they will take the judgment that they deserve.              Enoch the seventh from Adam and he prophesied that theLord judge all people and they’re coming with us the ungodly people.

These mensuffered God those who grumblers, fault finders, and flatter spoken againsthim. (Pastor Jorie)  However, he reminds the people of God toremain faithful because, there will be scoffers in the end times who willdivide you, who follow their own natural instincts as they don’t have the Spiritof the Lord. Rather, God’s people should live by their faith and pray to theHoly Spirit to remain in God’s love and wait for the mercy of the Lord. God’s people should show mercy, save moresouls, and love people but hate sins. To God be the glory, honor, and powerthrough Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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