Have a glance of the Pulp magazine, you may opine it is an advertising pictorial full of colorful pictures but doesn’t really have any actual content. The subtitle states that ” The leading street fashion magazine” which relate to style, music, design, etc. Obviously, their targeted readers are young generation who has enough money to buy a $7. 50 Pulp magazine rather than a $3. 20 Women’s weekly. All ads in this magazine are appealing to youngsters who must either born in a rich family, or who have certain income to afford those attractive products.

And to whom have money to burn – to get a plastic surgery.At the very front of the magazine, there is an announcement states that: “The aim of Pulp has always been to entertain and inspire our readers and the creative community at large by exposing work that is vibrant and fresh”. It denotes that the Pulp magazine is willing to serve their reader as best as they can, because readers are water and foods for their survival, readers are consumers.

The popularity of the magazine directly affect the interests of advertisers, that’s what actually makes a magazine company really care, as the ads’ publish fees are the main source of income for a magazine company.Those loyal readers are just tools that are made use of earning money. I think Pulp’s aim should be: “we have always been to make effort to entertain those stupid picture lovers and rich illiteracies or our ‘busy’ young peoples (who don’t have enough time and patient to do some literal readings) remain loyal to our magazine, in order to provide such a wonderful place for our well-beloved advertiser to promote their fresh products”! At the last page there is a subscription form with a slogan: “subscribe and instantly win”, which is also a production strategy in order to own an ongoing readership.


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