n the novel, Forged by Fire by Sharon Draper, the main characters, Gerald and Angel, are abused in many way. Gerald was abused when he was three years old by his mother Monique.

He would be hit and slapped by Monique whenever Gerald bothered her. He was also left home alone for hours by Monique on multiple occasions. In one part of the story Monique even burnt Gerald with a lighter on his hand for touching her lighter. Later in the novel, the other main character, Angel, is abused by Jordan, both physically and sexually. When Jordan gets mad or drunk,  he hits Angel and even touches her inappropriately. However, this is a big problem everywhere in the United States and not just in a fictional novel.

Child neglect is also a kind of child abuse. Monique in the early chapters of Forged by Fire neglected Gerald many times. For example, when she left Gerald alone when she wanted to meet a man who can sell her drugs.  “Child abuse can be physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual. It can also result from neglect” (Psychology Today). Neglect can even result in injury or even death of the child. Since Gerald was left alone in the apartment, he was unintended and was playing with a lighter. Gerald almost could have lost his life in the fire he started.

Angel in Forged by Fire was touched inappropriately by Jordan Sparks.This made Angel very scared of Jordan.  “Studies show that one in four girls are sexually abused before the age of 18.”(Psychology Today)  The biggest problem about sexual abuse is that many victims are afraid to tell anyone. For example, Angel was being threatened by Jordan and was afraid to tell Gerald about Jordan’s behavior. Domestic abuse is also shown in Forged by Fire and can be another factor of child abuse. (How can one spouse abusing the other negatively affect their children?)Domestically abusing a child could make them become violent as well.

 Monique used to hit Gerald and even burn him with a lighter – which hurt Gerald physically. Jordan Sparks liked to punch Gerald and Angel, and even Monique. These actions can critically injure a child. “In Ohio, more than 78,000 kids yearly are abused, neglected or witness violence at home” (Cleveland Healthfit).

Many children have to go through these things. Thousands of children become victims and lose their innocence. Gerald and Angel experienced many hard times trying to fight the abuse and the neglect surrounding their childhood.

Conclusion: If you realise that you are abusing your children this way, please stop. These actions could make a negative impact on your children. Gerald and Angel recognize their past as Darkness and fear.

Each of the two had very difficult times with abuse. Other children all over the United States could be experiencing abuse just like Gerald’s and Angel’s.


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