My keen interest in Forensic Science started building up as I began studying Biology, one of its core sciences in high school. Soon I realized the importance of this crucial science. Having a comprehension of how various factors affect our daily lives, discovering the ties between causes and the consequences, was something that always drew my attention the most. Simply knowing that you can assist in solving crimes, making changes in people’s lives, and contributing to the greater safety of our society is what makes me incredibly eager to learn more about it. Along with the intriguing techniques to discover things like blood through the use of luminol, fingerprint lifting, and DNA extraction. The precision and meticulous investigation required in this field of work, along with my great interest in Biology left me without hesitation to seek a deeper understanding of Forensic Science.

While achieving the highest grades in Biology, it resolved my dedication to the life sciences. To pursue a better education, I decided to leave my town’s school and started going to Marijampoles Rygiskiu Jono gymnasium which benefitted me in multiple ways. By leaving, it opened the opportunities leading to the field of Forensics by striving to better myself academically, having peers to challenge me, and gaining support to leave for the UK to study at my desired university. Though the school did not have any subject directly related to Forensics, studying Biology served its purpose, it allowed me to become more acquainted with the basic understandings and fundamental roles Forensic Science has to offer.

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Having (A Level) Biology introduced me to human genetics, which eventually became my favourite topic. Learning about DNA uniqueness and how it can be used as invaluable evidence has always fascinated me. I always loved lessons involving work in the laboratory, during those lessons I understood that only rigorous and responsible work will lead to obtaining precise results. For me to acquire a better understanding I eagerly read articles both regarding Forensics and Biology in magazines like “Illustruotasis Mokslas” (Illustrated Science), and internet pages like “” (Technologies). Whenever I come across an interesting article I scrutinize it for any uncertainty, and if there’s anything unclear, I will take time to learn about it, which both widens my perception and keeps me updated.

I understand that one will be challenged mentally, as understanding a crime scene and how all the evidence ties together will not be an easy task, so I challenge myself to remain sharp. I’ve participated in various contests and Olympiads, succeeding in clearing the first stages in both Mathematics and Physics. I have also done well at the national level in “Kengura”, a mathematics contest. Over time, by participating in these contests of reasoning, I’ve gained skills like critical thinking, rapid problem-solving, and stress management. Forensics will allow me to utilize my skills, and keep me mentally stimulated.

Outside academia, I have been taking dance lessons for three years. I enjoy partaking in events both citywide and countrywide. It requires the ability to work as a team and support your partner in order to bring out the best results. I also enjoy the social aspect of this activity. Meeting new people has strengthened my self-confidence and communication skills. I have also graduated music school, where I have been taking piano lessons for 7 years. It helped me to build up good habits like creativity and better responses against criticism. Having to maintain these skills at home after graduation takes a lot of focus and perseverance.

Studying abroad in the UK will provide me reliable academic quality and offer a variety of new world experiences. I’m eagerly waiting to expand my knowledge at the university. I believe my passion for Forensic Biology will lead me to the success I seek.


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