Myname is Hnin Thiri Aung.

When someone feels depressed, I make that feel warmand happy. I like counselling for other people who get depress andpressure.  I love to smile this makingother smile along with me. I have always been known for having a cheerful andenergetic personality. I’m trying to make enough leisure time for my family,friends and activities. My favorite activities are badminton, hiking andlistening songs. Hiking is the best way to relax mind when I have stress.

Hiking is improved muscular fitness and reduce depression and better qualitysleeping for me. And then I like to travel in various places and see the nature.My future goals and achievements are important to me.

Now I attendingElectrical Electronic Engineering and learning how to do project. When I getthe graduated I will be back to try business woman. And then I’ll makephilanthropy for orphanage and homeless person. Thisis my personal SWOT analysis.

My personal analysis consists of strengths, weakness,opportunities and threats. Strength and weakness are an internal analysis tothe person. Opportunities and threats are an external analysis to the person. Mystrengths by large include my ability to be helpful person and cooking.

Myweaknesses are over-sensitive and anxiety.  Ifeel honored to have some of these strength in my corner to talk. I don’tfigure I could have refined as much as I have if not for some of these strengths.I’m really helpful person for other people. If someone having a trouble, I’llhelp to try the best for them but they’re ignoring my intentions.

Helpful isgood for me to communicate with each other. I feel happy whenever I give helpto those who need it. Even though sometimes people don’t appreciate it, I stilltry my best to help other. I sometime cook for my family when I has free time. Wheneveryone eat my food, their emoji look like satisfied for my food. In lastyear, I cooked for my friend. At that time I put wrong ingredient in this food.So she is condemnation to me and my depression is directly down.

But I believemyself during my pursuit for my cooking skills. I’ll try to better for nexttime when I cook. I have a habit since I was young.

That is worrying foranything. While I have done the group project, I have many problems betweenleader and me. We causes misunderstanding and makes project cannot move on. Teammembers in that group didn’t finish their work on time so the project delayed.

Wehave no team work and no leadership that time. During do the project time, I havegot pressure and many depression. But I got to learn how to manage timeeffectively and made me realize not to do last-minute things. Moreover, I learnedhow to perform well as a team together.


I'm Erica!

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