My vison board truly express who I am such as personal, religion, academic, and life in general. It shows my short term and long-term goals throughout this semester and high school in the future.  This explains who is me and what describes my personality.To describe the quotes this is a mixture of who I am and what I need to get better. One of the quotes that I used to describe me is “Other things may change but we start and end with family”.

This quote really describes who I am because my family is my entire world, I put my family first before all else. If my friend asks me to go to the mall and my mom ask me to go out to lunch I will choose going out to lunch with my mom, because she is more important to me. Another quote that describes who I am is “Work hard and be kind” I am a hard worker at anything I put my mind to anything and I get the job done with no question asked. The part about being kind I am a very kind and generous person who has a love for everyone and try my very best to never let anybody down. Some things that I need to work on that are quotes in the vison board are the one that states, “Never stop praying, always believe” Last semester I did not do well to keep praying but this semester and the rest of life is different I have a goal to pray if I need help or person to talk to.

  Another example is “If you judge people you have no time to love them”. This semester as a freshman I judged people by their personality and the way they act and just assuming based on them and I did not have a chance to get to know them personally. The reason why I put this on there is because I wanted to show my goal of stop judging people. Next the images I have some images on my board that mean a lot to me. To start of the gavel, it represents my future career to be a judge after being a District Attorney because I want to help people in life get the justice that they deserve. Another image that needs explain is the ivy league, Clemson, 4.

0, 1st, and the graduation is because it all revolves around one theme graduation. My goal is to be 1st or 2nd in my class and have a 4.0 GPA and get into the ivy league. I want to do this because I would love to make my parents proud of me. I have struggled but I know I can do the very best.

Another image is the gold medal this shows that my goal is to shoot for the gold in life don’t stop until I make it to the top. To be successful I never have to stop.  Finally, an image which is so dear to my heart is the cross. My christiany is so important and makes me who I am, and I would like to be better Christian.  Some of the other pictures and quotes I had put on my wall is quit being silly this is a goal for myself because I have realized I do not know when to be serious sometimes and I got to learn to turn it off.  Another image is the studying image this is another goal for me because I did not study as much as I needed to this semester and I know I got to do more if I want to be successful. The next images are the 2 about respect I have a hard time giving respect to some of my peers and I did that because I hadn’t learned to respect myself and so my goal is to respect myself and then I can learn to respect others. My final image I want to explain is my ‘C’ this represent everything about me because its my name more importantly it’s my dad’s name and I want to keep carrying on it and working hard to uphold it.

In conclusion my vison board explains exactly who I am as a person and what I need to accomplish in school to be successful, also things I need to work on within my personal self to improve and open more doors. In the end I think that this has helped me find my true self and learn to be a better person in life. 


I'm Erica!

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