My decision to pursue post-graduation study in theUnited States of America is one of the key drivers that have led me to want tobe a part of the graduate program at your prestigious institution.

EasternMichigan University offers a versatile and dynamic program that I need to excelin this vast and rapidly changing field. Themission of Eastern Michigan University in imparting relevant skills and real-world knowledge to its students is very captivating. Health economics is concerned withthe relationship between health and the resources needed to promote it. Ithelps in identifying the problems faced in promoting health for all and inunderstanding the behavior of the individuals, health-care providers, publicand private institutions and governments in decision-making. Health economicscan be used to promote healthy lifestyles and positive health outcomes throughthe study of all the parties involved.

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Most importantly, there involves achallenge in the efficient allocation of the limited resources for maximizinghealth benefits. Hence, it is my desire to do a masters degree in Health Economics.I did my schooling and graduationin Kerala, India. I have also completed a foundation course in Human Rights sponsoredby the University Grants Commission of India (UGC). My graduate dissertation “Astudy on the socio-economic conditions of Anganwadi workers in KodamthuruthPanchayath” was a case study on the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS)of the government of India. The dissertation work provided me with the opportunityto understand the need for early childhood development which is much needed fora dynamic human resource.  I was alsoassociated with Kerala Economic Association as a volunteer for their annual conference.

My interest in health economicsdeveloped mainly due to my observations in the past few years. India, being adeveloping country, lacks proper health assessment technologies. Kerala is astate in India that has literacy rate, sex-ratio and Human Development Indexabove the national average while health sector in the state and the country haveremained in a rudimentary stage. Even though there have been many health evaluationsand further implementations, the most vulnerable section of the society hasbeen deprived of their much-needed benefits. This requires a step-by-stepevaluation of the resources available and its proper allocation which can onlybe done with the most efficient health assessment technology under HealthEconomics. The need of the hour in a countrylike India,  as I have observed, isefficient planning for allocating resources available in the locality toenhance health conditions.

It would be more effective to specialize in healtheconomics for a well-versed understanding of the discipline. I hope to enhancemy knowledge and skills in the field of health economics and efficientlyimplement it back in my home country. I am a hard-working and determinedperson, ready for a new leap in my economics career.

I will work hard in hopethat the quality of the effort I put in will result in high-quality knowledge.All this gives me the motivation to apply to Eastern Michigan University. Thespecializations offered in the course along with the practical method ofstudies interest me immensely. This along with real-life work scenario everyweek will be an exciting way to study and be ready for the actual job.Developing the skill set both theoretically and practically is important inthis competitive world, and this course offers exactly that.  The education system in the UnitedStates of America is one of the most efficient which has the best to offer inthe whole world to develop the skillset.

If I get an opportunity to be a partof this intellectually stimulating environment, I am sure to maximize mytalents and help in furthering the field of health economics. 


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