My name is Sabrina Romero. My mother is Italian and myfather was adopted. not quite sure what my dad was after research and tests wediscovered he was spa inured and a little bit native. Growing up my father wassick. I would love taking care of him and he would always tell me I would be adoctor when I grew up. I knew from the beginning I wanted to be in the medicalfield.

Another one of my passions is sports. I have been involved in sportssince I could walk. which is why I have decided I would like to study sportsmedicine.

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When I wasn’t on the field I was the head hydration specialistvolunteering hundreds of hours going to different sports events wrapping icingand hydrating.  My brother left mefor boot camp to become a marine and two weeks in my father past away. The sameday I had a flag football game. I was the captain and I couldn’t let my teamdown so I played that game. It wasn’t easy but I know my dad would have wantedme to. When imp committed to something I will follow though no matter how hardit gets.

The week I turned 16 on my own I went out and got a job. I worked for2 whole years and never spent a penny of it. I saved up and bought a nice newercar.

I was so proud of myself. 4 months later I both tabooed and losteverything I had worked for.  My mom hasalways been my rock. She has always thought me to give back to our community.As soon as I was too old to cheer I decided to coach girl and teach them how todo what I loved.

My mom has volunteered at that place for over 15 years. Herand her boyfriend run it together. Even when we are struggling it just makes mehappy to coach these young kids.  As soonas I graduated high school I became the volunteer cheerleading coach for theschool. I have volunteered a lot over the holidays.

For Christmas, I havedecorated Christmas trees at the local senior center and for thanksgiving Ihave put together baskets and donated turkeys to family’s less fortunate. Beinga full-time student is my passion because I’m going to school for something Iwant to do my entire life.


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