Studying is the way of getting knowledge and depending on the type of learning, people are able to consume information. Visual, auditory and physical are three main types of learning. Visual style of learning requires the learner to see some parts of the data connected to what should be learnt. Auditory learning style is connected to oral data representation, and physical learning style requires the touching or other physical involvement. Each of these methods has both advantages and disadvantages which are defined while learning the material. I have always known what type of learning is the most effective for me. Learning some new material, I perceive it better when I can see something devoted to the data. Being a visual style learner I have a number of advantages connected with this style as well as the disadvantages which are also inherent to it.

It is obvious for me that while lectures I perceive the information better if the lecture offers some visual material. Power Point slides or hand outs are the most effective for me, as in this case I have an opportunity to see the information discussed by the lecture and I remember it better. If a lecture is led without any visual materials, I try to make notes as seeing the data I hear, I remember it better as well.

The inability to make notes while lectures puts me into complicated situation as I know that I will not be able to remember the data in this case. Considering the advantages of this learning style, it should be mentioned that most people in the world use this learning styles due to its effectiveness. Moreover, having seen the place and the way to it I will surely remember it. One more advantage of the visual learner is while working on a problem, I can see the whole picture in my mind and act in accordance of the predicted outcomes and further actions. However, there are a number of disadvantages which prevent me from effective learning in different situations.

I have already written that I am unable to perceive oral information. It is difficult for me to remember the data which is told without any visual support. Listening audiotapes or referencing to the radio programs is not the best way of data remembering. When I am told the way it is very difficult for me to visualize the issue, I need something what I can see. There are the situations when the data is said and I should remember it, but this is a real problem for me. I usually should make notes to make sure that I remember everything. Time is really important while learning.

I understand that having a visual support I will remember the information better and faster rather than I will be presented the data orally. It is not complicated for me to make notes while lectures as I know that I will save time in the future. Looking at my notes after classes I can remember all the details discussed while the lesson. I know that oral learning style is more convenient as having heard the data, a person easily remembers it, but all my tries to learn to remember oral information were spent in vain. Those people cannot remember information and therefore have difficulties in learning should change the type of learning.

Who knows, maybe they use a wrong type of learning.


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